Ultimate Guide to Holiday Travel Essentials

By: Jillian Johnson

woman walking across the street with cotopaxi backpack

Whether you are a frequent traveler or looking for a gift. Tahoe Mountain Sports and Tahoe Mountain Life have all the supplies you need to make your holiday travel seamless and comfortable.

Cotopaxi Allpa 35L and 42 L Backpack

cotopaxi alpa

Holy Moly! As someone who travels often I short circuited when I met this backpack. It truly is one of the most transitional, functional and comfortable backpacks I have come across. I could write an entire blog on my obsession with this puppy, but I'll try to keep it short. Here are my favorite things about this bag!

  • Fully removable hip belt to transition your backpack into a duffel.
  • Leave the packing cubes behind! Each layer of this backpack provides built in cubes and spaces for your various items. It's like having drawers in your backpack!
  • Full wrap and lockable zipper creates more of a suitcase feel with added security.
inside cotopaxi alpa

If Cotopaxi’s wild colors aren’t what you're looking for, we also carry Patagonia Black Hole Duffels. This classic bag is functional with all the fundamental needs and plenty of space.

Vuori, Vuori, Vuori!

If you don't know this brand already it's time to get acquainted. When traveling, it's important to have clothing that serves multiple purposes. Vuori is designed to transition from day wear, to workout, and into lounge wear. Besides having the softest fabrics, their fit and stitching creates gentle, flexible seams. This ensures that on long car or plane rides you don't end up with painful leg indents or suffocating from the waistband.

woman wearing vuori in the snow

Ladies: A pair of leggings paired with a slouchy sweater is perfect airport attire. Once you land you can easily dress up either item to wear out with friends. The next day you can or reuse for your workout. Tahoe Mountain Life carries wide leg or classic leggings, joggers and sweats.

male modeling vuori outside

Gents: Vuori has you decked out too. With slim or more relaxed pant options their joggers are a must have. Wear them for travel with their Coronado hoodie. Once you arrive, you still look clean and fresh to bop around town. Then finish your day in the gym!


picture of man wearing blundstones

Yes, you've probably already heard of these popular boots and they are a must have for a reason. Travel packing is all about being versatile and Blundstones are exactly that. While being extremely comfortable they provide a great shoe for walking around the city, or neighborhood. I even wear mine on hikes when my packing space is limited. When it's time to get ready for that holiday party you can dress these shoes up with tights and a dress. Gents can match with a nice pair of slacks or jeans and a button up and BOOM you're looking dapper.

Fanny Pack

cotopaxi fanny pack with thread wallet

The fanny pack is back and it's here to stay. I almost never enter an airport without mine. Providing easy access to my passport, boarding pass and cellphone is a must! At Tahoe Mountain Sports and Tahoe Mountain Life we have every option you could dream of. Brands like Fjallraven, Patagonia, Kavu, and Cotopaxi have all joined the hip purse party. 

Looking for something colorful and fun or simple and understated. We have all you need in a fanny pack. Going somewhere where pickpocketing is an issue? Need not worry, we’ve got a pack for that. Options that go under your clothing with a special buckle making it safe and easy for traveling. Gents, don’t feel shy about hopping on this boat. We’ve got simple styles that are just as functional.

Thread Wallets

photo of thread elastic wallet and wrist lanyard

I never take my entire wallet on trips. I don’t need my library and various frequent buyer cards taking up space. That's where Thread's minimalist line comes in. A compact efficient little wallet made of stretchy material to hold the essentials for travel. Gents, these palm sized and simple  wallets are definitely for you too. When sitting on a dry airplane their lip balm holder is a dream so you always know where to reach to moisturize those lips. All Thread products come with a  sturdy ring that can be hooked easily onto their fun patterned lanyards for easy access.

For the Ski Trip

Kulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Ski Boot Bag

kulkea boot bags
You don't have to be traveling far to reap all the benefits of a heated boot bag! These bags are great to keep all of your belongings together for the daily trek to the resort too. With two contoured, insulated and heated side boot pockets (each with their own quick warming system), a retractable helmet sling, and room for gloves, hats, and more this bag is the perfect companion for any skier on the go. 

Kulkea Kantaja Double Roller Ski Bag 

kulkea ski roller bag

Make traveling with skis a breeze with this double ski roller bag! Whether you are packing two pairs of skis for yourself, or packing someone else's, this bag is for the one for you. You'll have room for 2 sets of poles, apparel, and accessories too, making it the main bag you need for your next ski adventure.

Still searching for a gift or other travel needs? These products will help you jet set in style.

photo of duffel bag, goob tubes, and goodr sunglasses

Sunglasses by Goodr. These lightweight sunnies come in fun colors and various styles. There is truly something for everyone in our selection. Goodr’s low cost makes them perfect if you’re worried about misplacing them while traveling. I personally gift these to everyone!

Water Bottle: Every seasoned traveler packs their own and every seasoned traveler in turn, loses many! At Tahoe Mountain Sports we have them in every shape and size. Lightweight and lower cost, with or without a straw, insulted and trendy. Come take a look at our selection.

Liquid Travel containers: GoToob+, manufactures easy to fill reusable containers with a lock that ensures your liquid won’t leak. These cool containers are also food safe so can transition into holders for camping or backpacking. I'm thinking, pancake batter and syrup! 

Swimsuits: TMS sells swimsuits year round! If you're headed somewhere tropical or you've booked an Airbnb in town that you didn't know had a hot tub, we’ve got you covered, literally.

Author: Jillian Johnson

Jill has been obsessing over the Sierra Mountains for the past 11 years. When she isn't sleeping under the stars, identifying trees or sniffing bark she is adding to her certifications in the healing arts. She enjoys spreading her passion for nature and its healing powers through guiding. If you live in Truckee she has probably pet your dog. If you own a cow she will be your best friend.

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