Rewards Program

What do climbing, skiing and desolation camping have in common? They aren’t inexpensive passions. You’re going to need to buy great gear to have a great time, so you might as well be rewarded for it by joining our free Rewards Program.

At Tahoe Mountain Sports, we aren’t just rewarding your purchases, we’re rewarding your pastimes! When you shop with us, we’ll give you 10% back in store credit to put back into adventures.

How it works

The program is simple.

Earn $10 in store credit every time you spend $100. Rewards are available the next day and they never expire.

It’s truly hassle-free. We won’t give you a card to lose or a number to remember. We’ve got you covered.

Sign up

Ready to sign up? It’s easy and free! All you have to do is stop by and ask to join our Rewards Program when you check out.

When you sign up, we’ll shoot you an email here or there, but you can always opt out. We wouldn’t recommend that though, as we tend to send out deals, discounts and offers to those who choose to keep in touch.

Like any good friend we won’t tell your secrets, we’ll keep your information to ourselves. Check out our privacy policy to make sure we’re legit.

Unfortunately rewards can not be used to pay for services or gear rentals.