The Women's Dynafit Ultra 100 Running Shoe Gear Review

The Dynafit Ultra 100 Running Shoe

It used to be that when I heard Dynafit, my first thought was skiing. That has changed after trying out the Dynafit Ultra 100 running shoe. I’m Kate, one of the newest additions to the Tahoe Mountain Sports team. I spend a lot of time on my feet during the day, playing and working. Although, in the winter I have them crammed into ski boots all season. When I’m looking for a shoe, I want something that will help me accomplish my outdoor goals as well as take care of my long abused feet.

Dynafit Ultra 100 Running Shoe

First Impression

When I first put on the Dynafit Ultra 100, I was impressed by initial comfort. I have a long, narrow foot with a high arch, and Dynafit’s Heel Preloader Technology helps to stabilize and hold my heel firmly in the shoe. The shoe does tend to run short, so don’t be worried if you need to size up a full size.

I first tested out the shoes on a brief run on the Emigrant Trail in Truckee. Again, I was impressed by how well the shoe held my foot. The Emigrant Trail is not very technical, but I found the shoe stable and grippy where needed.

Dynafit Ultra 100 Running Shoe

Now, Let’s Put These To Work

For my second test, I wanted to work the shoe a bit harder. I went to look for some rocks. I found that the POCOMA outsole gripped well on the varied terrain. The added cushion of the shoe does reduce my ground feel, but the excellent traction is confidence inspiring and helped promote stable footing in varied terrain. Dynafit designed the shoe with an Invisible Lacing System, which manifests as a mesh covering of all but the top two laces. The covering helps keep out dirt and rocks, but limits your access to your laces. I found I was able to get my shoes tight enough with the mesh, but I know some folks are hacking the shoe and cutting the mesh out to have better access to their laces. The design does lead to a bold look. The shoes definitely stand out on the trail.

The Details

The Dynafit Ultra 100 retails at $139.95. It comes in at 9.5 ounces. It was designed for long distance running, with its midsole focused on providing cushion to maintain comfort over long distances. Its outsole is the Dynafit POMOCA, designed to keep good traction on the trail. It sports a 6mm drop.

Dynafit Ultra 100 Running Shoe

To Sum It Up

I was really impressed with the Dynafit Ultra 100. I am very happy with how it holds my foot and also with the cushioning the shoe provides. I am excited to continue to run in thes shoes and see how they continues to hold up to many more miles.

Dynafit does more than skiing. Come into Tahoe Mountain Sports to check out their trail running line!

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