TMS Nachtspektakel: Group Tour with Dinner, Drinks and Night Ski


As part of our 2015 Backcountry Experience Series in partnership with Dynafit, Diamond Peak Ski Area and Tahoe Mountain School we bring you Nachtspektakel! Hire a sitter if you have to – you don’t want to miss this fun night of good food, drinks and skiing with comrades. Start your evening with a skin up to Snowflake Lodge at Diamond Peak, where you will partake in a delicious catered meal with both new and familiar faces. The Snowflake Lodge is one of the best places to watch a Tahoe sunset, with an incredible view of the lake and surrounding mountains. Conclude this wonderful evening with a ski back down under the stars!

When: Friday, January 31 from 2 to 9 p.m.

Where: Diamond Peak Ski Area

Tickets: $45 – SOLD OUT! (We are officially SOLD OUT for this event. If you’d like to be put on a waiting list, please email with your full name, phone number and if you need to rent Alpine Touring gear or not. Thanks everyone, we’ll see you on the 31st at Diamond Peak Ski Resort!)

What you get: Two hours of lift served skiing, a guided skin up the mountain, dinner and drinks, and a private, nighttime ski down on fresh corduroy that Diamond Peak will groom especially for us!

Bring a headlamp and dress warmly. Comfortable shoes or sandals are recommended for dinner indoors. One beer, wine or will drink is included – the bar will be open if you care for more.

Free Backcountry Rentals will be available at Tahoe Mountain Sports. They must be reserved ahead of time and picked up by 6:00 p.m. on January 30.

Get on the waiting list with Tahoe Mountain Sports by emailing ( or by calling (530) 536-5200.

Sponsors: Diamond Peak Ski Resort, Dynafit and Tahoe Mountain School.

Any event changes made due to winter weather will be announced by January 30th.

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