Stickers, Stickers Everywhere

Why Stickers?

Everybody loves to customize their water bottles, coffee cups, bumpers of their cars, rocket boxes on top of their cars and just about anything else that will hold a sticker. The best stickers on your stuff are an expression of yourself and your personality and help to tell your story! Here are a few of mine…of course I am repping TMS first and foremost! #Prayforsnow #stokemeter #bringyourown along with all the TMS fun are just a few of mine.

New Stickers at TMS

We are stoked to have recently got some great custom art made into some stickers. The pic below show off some of the new ones from our friend in North Carolina, Melinda, aka @wanderingartsandcrafts

We also carry all the Truckee Love, Tahoe Love, We are California Grown and many more!

Where do we get our stickers?

Stickermule of course!! Well, we get some of our custom stickers from the vendors above, but for a small business like us, when we want to run some new TMS stickers, make our own custom artwork into a sticker, a few vinyl decals or just need a new bottle of the sweetest, habanero hot sauce (otherwise known as mule sauce), stickermule has us covered.

So, don’t forget, for all your sticker needs, check out stickermule and their selection of customizable vinyl decals!

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