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If you are looking for an easy, paved hike with spectacular views this is the place to go. Stateline Lookout was one of the earliest fire lookouts in Lake Tahoe. Wildfires are a serious danger and there are about 80 per year in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Lightning strikes start some fires however most are caused by humans so please be careful. The Lookout was built in 1936 at an elevation of 7,017 feet. The tower was taken down in 2002 when technological advances in fire detection made human spotters too expensive and obsolete; you can still explore the base of the tower at the top.

Length: 1.8 Miles

Vertical Feet: 335

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Type: Lollipop (Out and back with a loop at the top)

Surface Type: Paved

Features: Lakeviews, Dog friendly

Facilities: Sometimes

Getting there: Stateline Fire lookout is located in Crystal Bay on the north side of Lake Tahoe. To get to the trailhead turn off of SR28 uphill (west) onto Reservoir Drive. You will see a wayfinding sign that says “Fire Lookout” on your left as you drive up the hill. Turn right onto Lakeview drive and go for about 1/2 a mile until you see a locked forest service gate on your left.

Parking: Park on the right side of the road, off to the side so you are not blocking traffic. There’s not a lot of room for parking and this is a residential neighborhood so please be respectful. There’s room for about 6 cars at the trailhead. Once that is full you might need to park further down the hill or walk up from the Biltmore parking lot if it’s a really busy weekend.

Trail Description: The best thing about the Stateline Fire Lookout is the panoramic lakeview. From the moment you park your car you are rewarded with stunning views of the lake that keep getting better with every step.

Views of Incline Village and Rifle Peak
Hikers head up the trail

The trail straddles the Nevada – California Stateline which is where it gets its name. The Cal-Neva Lodge was built in 1927 as a guesthouse and soon became the lake’s first gambling resort. It is the only building that can be seen from the South side of Lake Tahoe.

Looking down at the Cal-Neva and Biltmore with Nevada on the left and California on the right.

The trail has one switchback then follows the paved forest service road up to the top. Slightly before the top there is a smaller paved trail on each side of the road that does a loop around the lookout. I recommend going clockwise around the loop so take a left. There are multiple benches and interpretative signs along this trail so bring your camera and plan to take your time.

The start of the lollipop loop part of the trail. This part of the trail is narrower.

It feels like you are hanging over Lake Tahoe as you walk along this section since it drops off pretty steeply. As you walk along look across the lake past Incline Village towards the east shore and image these mountains and forests being cut down for the silver mines near Virginia City. Logging camps and lumber mills were the main sources of revenue in the mid-1800’s. There was an elaborate system of hydraulic lifts and flumes that were used to move the logs from the mountains down to Carson City and beyond.

Who could resist spending some time enjoying the view from this bench?

The birds were chirping and this was a great place to stop and take it all in. Check out this short video and feel the serenity of it all. Even if you don’t live here you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Interpretative signs display information about the logging history, drawing of the State Line, wildfires, recreation, the forest, along with lots of information and facts about the history of Lake Tahoe. Take your time learning about this special place that millions of people come to visit each year.

As you come around the ridge from the Nevada side to the California side you are afforded an amazing view looking down on Kings Beach. This quaint town has a rich history beginning when Joe King won the land in a poker match. Stop at the Kings Beach State Park Beach after your hike and check out the historic cobblestone paths that were once part of his estate while taking a dip in the crystal clear water.

Kings Beach is one mile long with restaurants, shopping and best of all – ice cream.

After you round the tip of the ridge you will see a dirt path off to the left. If you follow this path you will end up in Kings Beach, a great option if you want a longer hike however you’ll have to come back up if you go down.

Take the dirt trail to the left if you want a longer hike.

After I got back to the main road and finished the loop I walked up the road to check out the historic site of the fire lookout. There are restrooms at the top however they were locked when I was there with a port a potty in front of them.

This is the pathway to the site of the lookout tower.
As you look across the lake from the top you can see the top of Squaw Valley. The snowcapped mountains provide a stunning backdrop to the blue water of the lake.

Then you can hike down the way you came up back to your car. It’s an easy downhill. This is a great place to take photos that you will cherish for years to come. Even though I live here Lake Tahoe continues to take my breath away and I always appreciate the view. I hope you do too.

Enjoy panoramic lake views like this around every turn.
Here’s a map of the route I took and it was just under 2 miles.

Gear I used on the trail – Hiking Kit

My hiking kit includes affiliate links to purchase these items online or you can come into Tahoe Mountain Sports to get your perfect hiking kit!

Hydration and Fuel: I used the Camelbak Palos 4 LR Hydration Waist Pack. I like this pack because I broke my collarbone a year ago and now I don’t like having a strap go across my clavicle. The Palos pack is very comfortable and fits everything I need for a long day on the trail. I didn’t use a hydration bladder. I had 2 Salomon handheld bottles inside the pack along with some Epic bars and Clif Shot Bloks. I like the combo of the sweet gummies and the meat bars. This combination of energy foods keeps me going all day. Check out this post on How to Fuel Your Adventure for tips on which energy foods might work best for you.

Shoes: I’m loving the Women’s Salomon Sense Ride Trail Running Shoes! They are lightweight, and grippy on all different surfaces including wet and snowy trails and rocks. They have an aggressive tread and provide good support with ample cushioning. I’m psyched on this new shoe by Salomon. Here’s the link for the men’s Salmon Sense Ride Trail Shoe. Click here to read about the Best Trail Running Shoes for 2017 and the Best Hiking Shoes for 2017 to see which shoes might be best for you.

Sunscreen: I’m a huge fan of Sol Sunscreen. I’ve been using it for many years now and it works well on long days, wet days, and doesn’t run into my eyes as I sweat and make them burn. I like the way it feels. It isn’t too thick or greasy or sticky. It’s just right. And a little bit goes a long way so it’s worth the price. I also recently discovered Surface Sunscreen. I found it because I was searching for a spray so I can apply sunscreen to my back myself. I love the way the Surface Dry spray goes on and feels. It’s amazingly light and airy, no runny drips. It stays on all day and provides excellent sun protection. I use it on my daughter for all day summer camp and on my arms and back when biking, hiking, swimming and paddling.

Hiking Apparel: I like to switch it up depending on the weather. I usually hike in capris or shorts. I like the capris to be bright colors and have a pocket on the side for a phone. I’m a fan of merino wool and am usually wearing something from Icebreaker. We have a great selection of hiking clothing including hiking pants for colder weather and travel at our store. I recommend having good hiking socks, I prefer a thinner sock so my foot doesn’t get too hot. A packlight jacket, I always have the Patagonia Houdini in my pack.

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    This hike sounds incredible! The Stateline Fire Lookout Hike offers not only breathtaking views but also a sense of adventure. Can’t wait to try it out on my next trip to Lake Tahoe!

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