More Splitboarding Equipment In Tahoe for Fall 2014

Splitboarding Is The Answer

Ditch the snowshoes. Tahoe Mountain Sports has splitboards and splitboarding equipment for sale online and in Kings Beach. Once you do toss those ‘shoes, or lend them to your friend and kindly leave them at the back of the group, you’ll understand what the hype is all about. Ever trekked through knee-deep powder on snowshoes with a snowboard on your back? Tried breaking trail up a steep mountainside covered in fresh snow? You can probably recall moments of overheated frustration and thoughts of “there’s got to be a better way“. Well, consider cutting your snowboard in half and turning it into ‘skis’ that climb uphill, then reattach as a snowboard for the downhill. Or, even better yet, buy one that’s already split. It’s called a splitboard, and owning one can make – or break – your winter.

Last year we introduced splitboards to our already impressive selection of backcountry touring gear. This year, we’re adding even more splitboarding gear to accommodate the increasing number of backcountry snowboarders that seem to have lately emerged from the depths of Lake Tahoe. Last year, we couldn’t keep Spark R&D bindings with the Tesla System (eliminates the need for slider pins) on the shelf. Same went for most of our Voile hardware and accessories. This year, we’ve more than doubled our order for both Spark R&D and Voile Manufacturing. We’re also adding Jones splitboards to the lineup, and stoked about that partnership because if you aren’t already aware, Jones Snowboards has made their mark as the premier brand in a fast-growing industry.

Please note that it is currently March 2014 and our next shipment of splitboarding gear will not arrive until September. Don’t get discouraged when you see our inventory is low, be excited that it will fill up again soon…with plenty of time to prepare for the record-setting winter of 2015! For any products currently Out Of Stock, you can opt to be contacted via email when they arrive this fall.

Jones Splitboards – Jeremy Jones, big-mountain snowboarding pioneer and founder of Jones Snowboards, is an advocate for sustainable “green” practices. So are we. Jones splitboards provide the most reliable gear available to those seeking extreme adventure. So do we. We’re stoked to have such an outstanding business partner for the coming winter(s). So are they. I’m sure of it.


Solution Splitboard – $849
The Best-Selling Splitboard in the World. Time-tested shape and flex deliver equal performance to your solid snowboard. The design is identical to that of the Flagship, only split down the middle. The Jones Solution floats in powder, busts through crud and chop, and holds a mean edge on hardpack (credit: Magne-Traction). It’s poppy and playful, and is 300 grams lighter for 2015. It’s also a bit stiffer in the torso so you can really slay it up high.

Stiffness: 8/10, Directional Rocker, Camber Under Foot
Ultra Core, Quadrax Carbon, Carbon Split Stringers
Mellow Magne-Traction, Blunt Nose, Progressive Sidecut
Sintered 9900 Base, Stone Ground Finish, Recycled ABS
Stronger Edges, OneBall Jay BIO Wax, Karakoram Hardware


Carbon Solution Splitboard – $1119
Ideal for Technical Backcountry Lines. The Jones Carbon Solution is built for powerful riders who rip technical backcountry lines and demand a splitboard that offers the same ultra-responsive performance as a top-level solid freeride deck. A carbon topsheet and carbon stringers provide a damp, stiff ride that excels in variable conditions. It’s 500 grams lighter for 2014-15, thanks to the Jones ULTRA core with new ultralight wood cores and two layers of carbon fiber. Jones splitboards with ULTRA Construction are the lightest, most high performance snowboards on earth.

Stiffness: 10/10, Directional Rocker, Camber Under Foot
Ultra Core, Carbon Construction, Karakoram Hardware
Mellow Magne-Traction, Blunt Nose, Progressive Sidecut
Sintered 9900 Base, Stone Ground Finish, Recycled ABS


Ultracraft Splitboard – $1199
One of the lightest splitboards on earth. Tested on Denali and the Grant Teton, the performance of the Jones Ultracraft has been proven on some of the heaviest splitboard mountaineering achievements on the planet. Featuring the same trim and power as the Hovercraft, only with a carbon topsheet and core inserts that cut weight by 25%, the Ultracraft Splitboard is the ultimate ride for long days fulfilling big dreams in monster terrain.

Stiffness: 7/10, Directional Rocker, Camber Under Foot
Mellow Magne-Traction, Blunt Nose, Progressive Sidecut
Sintered 9900 Base, Stone Ground Finish, Recycled ABS
OneBall Jay BIO Wax, Karakoram Hardware


Explorer Splitboard – $649
The People’s Splitboard. Why does every cool toy have to be so darn expensive? They don’t! The Jones Explorer debuts this winter and won’t break the bank. Its versatile shape and features provide superior backcountry performance in any terrain or conditions you can find. Barrell through soft snow thanks to Directional Rocker and a blunt nose, and grip the stiffer stuff with mellow Magne-traction. A sintered base (7200) and One Ball Jay BIO Wax straight out of the factory guarantee your Jones Explorer is ready to rip, and rip fast.

Stiffness: 6/10, Classic Core, Biax Fiberglass


K2 Panoramic Splitboard Package – $899
2013-14 boards still In Stock are currently on sale – This K2 splitboard package comes with hardware and climbing skins, ready to shred right out of the box. Click here for a detailed K2 Panoramic Splitboard Review from last year. The design is awesome and hasn’t changed since last year, so the review is still totally relevant. We also have the women’s version, the K2 Northern Lite Splitboard Package.

Spark R&D Tesla System – No More Pins!
“10 out of 10. The most innovative change in splitboarding since the first Spark binding.” -Backcountry Magazine

Touring brackets, crampons and climbing wires can now work together without any unnecessary moving parts…like Slider Pins that can get really annoying both on the skin track and during transitions. Just lock down the clog-free toe ramp to enter both tour-mode and ride-mode. Dual-height climbing wires are built directly into the baseplate. AND they’re fully compatible with Voile pucks. Here’s a quick video of the Spark R&D Tesla System in action:


Spark R&D Afterburner Bindings w/ Tesla System
These splitboard bindings are stiff and powerful for big mountain domination. The Spark Afterburner highback is stiff both torsionally and fore-aft for the aggressive rider looking for a speedy response time.


Spark R&D Magneto Bindings w/ Tesla System – $385
A lightweight, nimble, pow-slashing machine, the Spark Magneto is ideal for long tours, overnight adventures or just a quick out-n-back. They’re supportive, yet flexible for quick turns and playful pops. Like the Afterburner, the Magneto also has integrated mounting claws for Spark Sabertooth Crampons.


Baseplate for Afterburner & Magneto Bindings
For the split nerds who already have a set of Spark bindings, but just have to have the new Tesla system. Switch the heel loop, ankle and toe straps onto the new base and you are rockin’. Comes with baseplate, Tesla bracket, heel plate, and a bunch of screws. Compatible with 2012-13 and 2013-14 Blaze/Burner binding models.
Click here for the Afterburner Baseplate
Click here for the Magneto Baseplate


Splitboard Skins from Voile ($150) and Spark R&D ($190)
Voile Splitboard Skins have a bomber riveted stainless steel tip loop that can take a ton of abuse on the climb up. The material is a very hydrophobic nylon and the glue is the most tenacious on the market. It is reliable and proven. Includes a trim tool and a nylon storage bag.
The popularity of Spark R&D skins when they debuted last season had them sold out quicker than a One Direction concert. Back with a vengeance for 2014-15, Spark skins feature the same G3 high traction skin material, tailclips already installed, a trim tool, skin savers and a custom skin bag.


Splitboard Crampons from Spark R&D and K2 Snowboarding
The Spark R&D Sabertooth splitboard crampons were released during the 2013-14 season, specifically designed to integrate with the Tesla System. Super easy installation and removal on-the-fly by sliding sideways into and out of the Tesla touring bracket claw mounts. Teeth are fully pushed into the snow by either climbing wire for secure ascents on steep, firm snow.
The Sabertooth Crampons were a hit for 2013-14. Stay tuned for K2 splitboard crampons this fall.

Voile Hardware & Splitboard Accessories:
DIY Kit, Universal Splitboard Hardware, Slider Tracks, Slider Pins, Splitboard Hooks


Voile DIY Kit – $160
Planning on splitting a board yourself? Pick up a Voile DIY Kit and Do It Yourself! If you’ve got the tools, a splitboard DIY kit has all the parts you’ll need to rip it and ride it. For $160 you get all the hardware you’ll need to assemble your own splitboard. Keep in mind you’ll need a drill press, table saw (or a really, really steady hand) and router to do the job right. Do the research. Don’t just rip your board in half; it ain’t that simple.


Voile Universal Splitboard Hardware – $100
Got a new splitboard and it’s not a Voile? Got a Voile Light Rail split-specific binding (2011/12 or earlier model) or Spark R&D split-specific binding? This is the rest of hardware you need to get on the snow.


Voile Hardware Puck Set – $55
If you’ve got the hardware and want to use non-split-specific bindings, you’ll need a Voile Hardware Puck Set. Includes 4 pucks, 4 puck gaskets, 2 universal discs – in-line slot, 2 universal discs – parallel slot, 8 – M6 x 12mm truss-head screws, and alignment guide.


Voile Slider Tracks – $48
Your binding attaches to the Slider Track using binding screws and T-nuts. The Voile Slider Track is utilized in ride and tour mode and is attached to the splitboard with the stainless steel Slider Pin. Sold as a pair.

Voile Slider Pins – $16
Secure the Slider Track to the splitboard in tour and ride modes with a Voile Slider Pin. The stainless steel cable lanyard attaches to your binding to prevent the pin from being lost in the backcountry. It is advisable to carry a spare. These splitboard slider pins come as a set of 1. You’ll need two for both bindings.

While you’re looking at equipment for backcountry snowboarding, you should also check out our snow safety gear and make sure you’ve got all the essentials for an emergency.

Now you know what your options are for splitboarding gear in Lake Tahoe and on the web. Once you get your splitboard setup dialed, there’s only one factor left that will limit the extent of your adventures:

Soaking it in above Lake Tahoe. Click the image to read “I Brought My Girlfriend Splitboarding – She Blew My Mind”.

Voile Split Hooks – Set of 4
MSRP: $35.95

Voile Splitboard Climbing Skins
MSRP: $149.95

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