SAXX Underwear and the Evolution of Man

This review comes from Scott Johns, an adventure cinematographer, mountain biker and snowboarder. When Scott’s not creating beautiful imagery for video, he’s out ripping singletrack, shredding big lines or surfing in beautiful spots around the world. Find more of Scott’s work at

I’m stoked on Saxx Underwear

The evolution of men’s underwear preferences goes something like this: we start with those hideous tighty whities, placed on us by mom before we are old enough to think for ourselves. Her motivations are obvious: they’re cheap and might contain a small amount of feces when an accident happens.

Real men wear real underwear. Ben Lanier fishing from a whitewater raft on the Rogue River, Oregon.

As we begin to develop an individual outlook on the world, we feel as though our junk is being held captive. So, we switch to boxers as soon as we’re given the choice. Freedom. Ahh… But, somewhere between adolescence and our mid-twenties, we begin to ‘grow’ out of one side or the other and make a reluctant return to a more supportive solution.

“I was a boxer man for years, but now I wear boxer briefs,” my friend and valet extraordinaire, Tim Ganyard, told me, verifying this totally scientific hypothesis. “It’s not comfortable to run with your guys bouncing around.”

Some of us find further benefits to the support of boxer briefs. I’m talking about saggy sack syndrome. If you don’t know what I mean, you must have the good fortune of never having had your best friends touch the water when you sit on a toilet. Thanks to boxer briefs, I’ve seen a massive reduction in such occurrences.

A couple years ago, a buddy suggested I try out some premium underwear, like Saxx. He swears by them. It took a while to convince myself that spending more than ten bucks for a three-pack of underwear was a reasonable proposition.

SAXX – Give thanks to those who support your freedom.

Eventually, I found some inexpensive, high-end drawers at a once-a-year sale and bought one pair as an experiment. They didn’t even have Saxx’s patented package pouch, but I immediately wished I had bought more. Leaving cotton and cheap synthetics behind, for materials that actually wick moisture and won’t stretch out into non-briefed boxers after a few hours, will change your life far beyond simply switching to boxer briefs.

Fast forward a couple of months and I’m handed this blog assignment and a pair of Saxx boxer briefs. “I didn’t even know ‘over the fence’ was an option; I’ve always just used the access hole,” said Dave Polivy, owner of Tahoe Mountain Sports, as we brainstormed ideas for this post. See, SAXX has done away with the access hole in some of their products, especially high-performance models like Saxx Kinetic Boxers.

A soft, unobtrusive pouch for your pouch.

If you’re anything like Polivy, that might take some getting used to, but how many times in your life have you poked through when you didn’t intend to?


The real innovation of Saxx, though, is the built-in hammock for your ham hawk. “It’s all about keeping the man parts from roving around, without being so tight that you lose sperm count,” says Ben Lanier, the dude that originally convinced me to step up my underwear game. After recently spending three days straight in a single pair of Saxx, doing a lot of driving, mountain biking and camping, I have to agree.

Keep everything in place. Prevent unwanted friction and movement to reduce chafe. Get contact-free support. Buy Saxx Underwear.

Scott Johns (left) and Tim Ganyard covered in mud outside the Black Rock Mountain Bike Area near Falls City, Oregon, on Johns’ third day straight in a pair of SAXX. Might be time for a fresh pair.

Thank you, Scott, for the (extremely) detailed and animated review. We’re glad you’re so stoked on your new underwear.

– The TMS Crew

SAXX Pro Elite Boxer – Men’s
MSRP: $29.95

SAXX Kinetic Boxer – Men’s
MSRP: $36.95

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