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One of the best ways to enjoy the wilderness is by sleeping outside in a tent. Whether you seek a backcountry wilderness experience or are camping next to your car, any night spent outdoors under the stars is a good night. We know it isn’t convenient to always bring your gear with you for a short overnight trip or haul camping gear across the country, or maybe you forgot something or want to try out something new, that’s why we rent camping gear!

We have a great selection of tents for rent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, bear canisters, camping stoves, cooksets, and water filtration systems for your next backpacking trip or camping trip. We can put together rental packages for family reunions, group trips, bachelor parties, 2 person backpacking trips, group backpacking trips and more.

Below you will find specific information on the products we rent. Each item also has an affiliate link if you decide you want to purchase the product from one of our affiliates. We also have all of the items available for purchase at our store. If you rent something and decide you want to buy it the cost of your rental can be added as a credit towards the purchase.

Rent Camping Gear in Lake Tahoe & Truckee

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Rent a Tent

We rent tents from quality brands including Kelty, Sierra Designs, Nemo and Slumberjack depending on your needs and group size. We have 4 person tents, 2 person tents and 1 person tents available for backpacking or car camping including the Ultralight Nemo Hornet Elite 2P and 1P tents. After each use all of our tents are aired out, swept out, and wiped down so when you get it you know it’s clean and in excellent condition.

Click the image above to see specific details on each of the tents we rent with videos showing how easy our rental tents are to set up and take down. Get all the training and information you need to have a successful camping and backpacking trip.

Rent a Backpack

Backpacks take up a lot of space and can weigh a lot. Leave your backpack at home and rent one to use only for the days you need it. We have backpacks for hiking day trips, long distance backpacking trips and child carriers. Most of our rental backpacks are from Deuter. They are light, slim and anatomically shaped to ensure even load distribution for all day comfort.

Backpacking Backpacks feature an Aircontact back system with pads that pump air throughout the mesh to keep you cooler and drier. They are fully adjustable for an exact fit with lots of pockets to stow your gear easily and stay organized on the trail. We have a variety of packs perfect for any distance backpacking trip in various sizes so you only have to carry what you need and get a perfect fit for your body type.

Want to take a hike but your child can’t walk that far? We’ve got you covered with the Deuter Kid Comfort backpack. It’s comfortable for you and your child, has space for snacks and water, and includes a rain/shade cover so you can keep hiking while your little one sleeps.

Click the image above for more information on all of the backpacks we have for rent.

Rent a Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Pad

It might sound strange to rent a sleeping bag but we do it all the time and clean them in between each use. Plus it’s cold in the mountains and most people visiting here for a short visit don’t have a warm enough sleeping bag. Sleep warm and comfortable in a rented sleeping bag with a sleeping pad. The ground here is hard, mostly rock and very cold. Cold transfers quickly from the ground into your body without the protection of a sleeping pad. We have an assortment of sleeping pads from Nemo and Thermarest.

Marmot Nanowave 25 Sleeping Bag

A good night’s sleep is the best way to get ready for an alpine start and a 12-pitch climb, which means Marmot’s Nanowave 25 25 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag is a key part of a successful send. It’s light and highly packable (there’s also a compression sack included), so schlepping it into the base of the climb is super easy, but the Spiralfil insulation will keep you warm even if temps drop down below freezing – not that mountain nights would ever do such a thing. Weighing under 3 lbs. and measuring 10 x 14.5 inches stuffed down, this sleeping bag is perfect for backpacking or car camping.

Marmot Cloudbreak 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

The Marmot Cloudbreak 20 will keep you warm on cold, wet nights and comes in a lightweight package weighing just under three pounds. Made with ultralight, synthetic insulation, this sleeping bag has the unique ability to keep you warm even when wet and it has extra insulation at your feet and core. Other features include a shell with a water-resistant coating, a hood designed for maximum heat retention and comfort, and unique baffles that utilize a shingle-like structure to eliminate cold spots inside. This sleeping bag is ideal for backpackers and campers who want a lightweight, three-season synthetic sleeping bag.

Bear Canisters for Rent

While camping in the Sierra, proper bear-proof food storage is highly recommended, and in some places required by law. Specific regulations vary between different parks and forests. Portable bear canisters are the best way to protect Sierra black bears in the wilderness when camping away from bear lockers. This map shows where canisters are legally required. We rent Bear Vault and Counter Assault Canisters.

Camping Stoves for Rent

For backpacking, we rent the Jetboil Flash Carbon, MSR XGK EX and MSR Pocketrocket 2

The Jetboil Flash Carbon is perfect for group backpacking trips. This lightweight Group Cooking System weighs in at 16 ounces and features a 1.8 liter aluminum FluxRing cooking cup that is large enough to make a meal for a small group. Convenient push-button igniter makes cooking easy. An adjustable-flame burner allows simmer control and has a built in windscreen to reduce heat loss in breezy conditions. You can boil a liter of water in about 4 minutes and 15 seconds for fast meals. The high capacity Sumo cup is 60 ounces or 1.8 liters is super convenient and functional. It has a drink through lid with pour spout and strainer plus the bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl. Pack the Sumo cup up with everything you need – you can store a 230g fuel can, Burner, Fuel Canister Stabilizer and Pot Support inside. The Jetboil Flash Carbon is the perfect blend of power, convenience, and efficiency for a range of backcountry chores, from snow melting to simmering.

The MSR XGK EX has been the number one choice of outdoor adventurers for over 25 years. Backpackers, climbers, hikers and adventure travelers alike have come to rely on its easy-to-use design and durable, stainless steel and brass construction to deliver dependable performance in most any situation. It is the the most dependable lightweight liquid fuel portable stove on the market. Liquid fuel stoves take a bit more work to light but it uses less fuel than canisters and is more environmentally friendly (you aren’t throwing away a bunch of used canisters at the end of your trip). To light it you must prime it first, which means you burn a bit of liquid gas to heat up the fuel line so that the white gas turns to a vapor. This allows the stove to burn a hot blue flame. Use the included windscreen and wrap it around the pot for efficient cooking and to conserve fuel. Coming in at 11.5 ounces makes this a good choice for weight conscious backpackers who are like the convenience of using liquid fuel.

The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is a super lightweight, small canister stove that is perfect for backpacking. Weighing 3 ounces, it easily fits into any pot or comes with a hard carrying case. Barely noticeable in your pack, it delivers impressively in camp. Precision flame control goes from torch to simmer while the Wind Clip wind shield boosts efficiency in breezy conditions. It offers fast and simple lighting, with no need for priming, pressurizing or maintenance, and it will boil a liter of water in under 3.5 minutes. The MSR Pocket Rocket stove is perfect for backpackers who want to keep it light but still have the option to cook a real meal.

For Car Campers we rent the Coleman Double Burner Stove and the Texsport Single Burner Stove.

Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner on a dependable stove that packs up easily with the Coleman Classic Propane Stove. Just light it up and dial in your heat with the two independently adjustable burners and you can be cooking over 20,000 BTUs of power in no time. The cooking surface offers plenty of room to fit a 12-in. and 10-in. pan simultaneously. Meanwhile, the PerfectFlow pressure control technology keeps the heat steady, even in extreme conditions. WindBlock panels help shield your flame from wind, and they adjust if you need to fit a larger pan. When the meal is over, the chrome-plated grate removes for simple and quick cleanup.

The Texsport Single Burner Stove is compact and lightweight with an anti-clog burner. It has 10,000 BTU’s with adjustable heat control for precise cooking temperature. The burner and base separate from the propane bottle for easy packing. Holds pans up to 7 1/2″ and has wind baffles to protect the burner and provide maximum heat. Uses disposable propane fuel.

Water Filters for Rent

It’s important to stay hydrated on the trail. However water is heavy, it weighs over 2 pounds per liter, and can add serious weight to your pack. A water filter is the best way to cut down on water weight. Filters enable you to drink from any source like a river, stream, or lake instead of carrying all of your water.

We rent the MSR Guardian Purifier and Steripen Adventure Opti.

The MSR Guardian Purifier is an easy to use water filter so you don’t have to worry about staying hydrated on your backcountry adventure. Engineered for frequent and heavy use, it utilizes a Marathon EX carbon/ceramic element to ensure clean, reliable and taste-free water. Plus it has an innovative AirSpring Accumulator that’s capable of pumping one liter of water per minute and the flow rate can be renewed easily and repeatedly in the field—no tools required. It’s lightweight and compact and, most importantly, extremely reliable.

The SteriPEN Adventurer Opti was built for the toughest mountains and rivers in the world. An optical eye senses water to ensure safe use and effective treatments. The revolutionary optical water sensor doubles as an integrated LED flashlight for added convenience on the trail or around the campsite. To use simply hold down the activation button for three seconds to illuminate the darkness. The rugged design and construction is trusted by thousands of endurance athletes. Adventurer Opti is powered by two CR123 batteries making it a lightweight water purification system and keeping it operating effectively in even cold environments. The long-lasting UV lamp can purify up to 8,000 liters of water. It can works in containers with a minimum 1.75 inch diameter opening. We recommend using Nalgene wide-mouth bottles which hold one liter. Bottle not included with rental.

Camp Kitchen

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Dualist – Compact, ultralight and self-contained, this cookset gives 2 backpackers all the essentials for backcountry dining. This durable, non-stick coated, hard anodized aluminum pot is the ultimate in design, space efficiency and cooking performance. The set includes a 2-liter pot, 8” frypan, a heat-resistant, nylon strainer lid, 2 14fl. oz. clear polypropylene insulated mugs, 2 sip through lids, 2 14fl. oz. clear polypropylene nesting bowls with graduations, a folding pot handle, and a waterproof welded stuff sack to keep everything organized and doubles as a sink for washing. An ultralight backpacking stove and 220g isobutane fuel canister (rented separately) can also nest within the kit. Dimensions: 6.4 x 5.9 inches. Weight: 1 lb. 5.6 oz. ounces

GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Base Camper Large Cookset – High-quality aluminum pots and pans that are light enough for backpacking, yet heat evenly enough to satisfy the most demanding camp cook. On the outside, the durable, high temperature paint on Bugaboo cookware protects the aluminum core from both abrasion and oxidation and provides a beautiful, gloss finish. Plus, each piece is fully-formed then coated with two layers of Teflon Classic nonstick coating for added scratch resistance. This set includes a 3 liter pot with strainer lid, which in turn nests into a generous 5 liter pot with a strainer lid. You will need to have or purchase your own cooking utensils, cutlery, and mess kit (kit with a plate, bowl, and cup) for eating out of at camp.

Complete Backpacking Kit

The Backpacking Kit is great for anyone new to backpacking, who only goes backpacking once a season (or a decade), has old or outdated gear and wants to try a lightweight, modern setup or maybe you’re visiting from out of town and want to experience the natural wilderness of Lake Tahoe without bringing all of your equipment. The Backpacking Kit includes a Deuter Backpack, Kelty Gunnison 2P Tent or MSR Hubba 1P, Marmot Cloudbreak 20 Sleeping Bag, Thermarest Sleeping Pad, Jetboil Stove, and Water Filter all for $75 per day for one person or $100 per day for two people with a 10 percent discount for rentals three days or longer.

Check out our Camping and Backpacking Rental Page to make your reserve your camping or backpacking equipment today!

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