This Is The Coolest New Recovery Tool: The Recoup Cryosphere

Cold Recovery at Your Fingertips

Recoup Cryosphere Massage Ball


This “tool” is the latest addition to my collection of rollers, balls, etc. but what’s different about this, I can now ditch my ice packs and ice cups. Just pop this steel ball into the freezer for two hours, and it will remain super cold for up to 6! Use this awesome ball to apply cold therapy and trigger point release, while keeping inflammation at bay. With the ball in its case, you can roll over IT bands, shin splints, sore quad muscles, or any area that needs some attention (without freezing your fingertips). Take the ball out of its case, and now you can roll your feet or calves. This cold therapy is a welcome relief after a full day of running or any activity that makes you tired and sore.

Pro Tip: Use this Cryotherapy on your face to eliminate puffiness and look years younger!

The Recoup Cryosphere is now available at Tahoe Mountain Sports. Stop by today to try it out!
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