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Goal Zero has been a power house (pun intended) in the renewable power category for over a decade. With a deep rooted history in the humanitarian space, Goal Zero has brought power to villages and orphanages for the first time, donated millions of dollars worth of product after natural disasters all across the globe, and has created complete home integration kits for backup power in case of emergencies. On top of that, they have a whole line of lightweight, portable power devices for things like charging your phone while backpacking, working from “home” while on the road…#vanlife, or tailgating with your buds.

Small But Mighty Power Stations

Yeti 500x

With four different port options, the Yeti 500x is equipped to power up small devices to large devices like LED TV’s, pellet grills, and even medical devices like CPAP’s. With an AC, 12V, and 60W USB-C input the Yeti 500x is ready for car camping adventures, tailgating parties, or powering up your WFH (work from home) days.

Work from the road with the Yeti 500x
Power up from the sun with the Boulder Briefcase line

Boulder 100 Briefcase

Pair the Yeti 500x with the Boulder 100 Briefcase to stay powered up from the sun. The Boulder 100 is compromised of two 50 watt panels made of tempered glass and an aluminum framed, hinged together for ease of transportation and storage. You can recharge your Yeti 500x in as little as 6 hours when getting maximum wattage! For faster charge times you can us multiple solar panels, especially during those times when you may not be getting as much direct sunlight. It is important to note that the panels to not hold a charge, they only produce power when connected to the power station or power bank. However, you certainly can still use your Yeti while it’s charging. You’ll just have to pay attention to how much battery you have and how much wattage you are outputting vs. inputting.

Included with the Yeti 500x is a 60W power supply for the times you can plug it into the wall. You can also upgrade to the 120W power supply to cut your charge time in half. If you are really on the move, you can even charge it from your vehicle’s 12V port with the Yeti Lithium 12V Car Charging Cable. *DISCLAIMER: DO NOT attempt to charge your Yeti from a 12V source using any other cable, doing so may cause damage to the unit.*

Goal Zero Smaller Power Stations

Yeti 1000x and 1500x

With the Yeti 1000x and 1500x, you get everything of the 500X, but with more power and port options. Each of these power stations offer seven different port options. These are also compatible with Boulder 100 Briefcase and can be powered from the wall and a 12V source as well.

Goal Zero Smaller Power Stations
Goal Zero Smaller Power Stations

The Yeti 1000x and 1500x are still portable and light enough to take on the go. Built with a lithium-ion battery, you have a safe, clean, and quiet source of power whether you are partying on the beach, working from your mobile home, or powering up supplies in your house during a power outage.

Goal Zero Smaller Power Stations
Goal Zero Smaller Power Stations
Don’t be fooled, these smaller power stations are still power houses. If you are looking for more though, learn about the larger Goal Zero power stations and complete home integration kits here.

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