Outdoor Playground: Things To Do Around Lake Tahoe During Spring

Spring weather means losing the layers and getting out into the sun and fresh mountain air! Whether you’re a Tahoe local or visiting for the weekend, there’s a ton for everyone to do in Tahoe. I took the liberty of compiling some photos from our favorite activities in the area, everything from spring skiing and mountain biking to fly fishing and disc golf. With such a beautiful landscape to explore and endless recreational opportunities, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun associated with spring in Tahoe.

Of course, there’s the beach and the lake:

north shore lake tahoe
Miles and miles of sandy beaches
kite surfing tahoe
Kite Surfing on the lake

Running on the beach, stand up paddleboarding and kayaking are great ways to enjoy Tahoe’s endless miles of secluded lakefront. If you’d rather more social interaction, you can find more sunbathers and waders on the public beaches on the North and South sides of the lake. Many public beaches allow dogs, including the Coon Street Boat Launch just east of our store in Kings Beach. Kite surfing, paragliding and other airborne adventures are also becoming more popular each year, and the warm air combined with cool breezes makes good wind for flying. It’s not uncommon to count a handful of thrill-seekers charging through the waves on windier days.

The amount of options for overnight camping in Tahoe are ridiculous. From state parks with facilities like bathrooms and boat ramps to National Forest land where you can choose your own adventure and wilderness camp, it doesn’t take much effort to find a place to pitch a tent. Just pick up a map of the Lake Tahoe Basin and drop your finger somewhere in the woods – chances are you can camp there.

Many Lake Tahoe campsites are near freshwater tributaries that flow into Lake Tahoe. You know what else goes on at those creeks and rivers? Some of the best fishing in California, that’s what! The Brown Trout in the Truckee River (and Little Truckee River) are known for their elusive nature and stamina during a fight, and if you can pull one out you can consider yourself a truly skilled fisherman. Or just really, really lucky.

brown trout truckee river
Chris Maher, Maher’s Guide Service, showing off a prize catch

If you’re into backcountry skiing you know that spring is prime-time for bagging the steeper couloirs and peaks you’ve had your eyes fixed on all season. You won’t need a warm winter jacket because you can get away with shorts and a t-shirt, just be sure to lube up with some organic sunscreen to shield your beautiful skin from the sun’s harmful rays. One really cool idea is to go “winter camping” in the mountains and bring your skis along. If you climb high enough, you can set up base camp near some really good skiing so you can shred all day and ski right back to the tent. What’s great about spring skiing is it’s usually safe to go anytime, anywhere. If snow’s going to slide, there most likely won’t be much but a couple inches off the top.

spring skiing tahoe backcountry
Racing a small and practically harmless slide down a wide chute in late-spring

A few ski resorts in Tahoe stay open late, but this year the snow totals have been so low that most will be closing in early April, or whenever all the snow dries up. Spring skiing is a favorite pastime for many mountain residents. Warm weather and good times with friends and family on the snow is a combination that’s hard to beat. Spring is especially a good time to take the kids skiing because, a) It’s not cold outside so the little ones can enjoy themselves all day long, and b) There isn’t enough snow for you to go hucking yourself off a rock or spend all day lapping the trees, so you have less reason to be selfish and more reason to enjoy a family day on the slopes!

The longer the sun beats down, the faster the single track trails dry out. Hiking, trail running and mountain biking are no longer ‘just around the bend’ – their time is now. Grease up the old chain, bust out your trail running shoes and stretch those hammies. The birds are chirpin’ and the foliage is green, so get out there and enjoy the countless hiking and mountain biking trails in Tahoe.

flume bike trail tahoe reno
Taking in the view from the Flume Trail
disc golf squaw valley

Disc Golf is another great warm-weather pastime, and we’ve got everything you need for a day of play. Choose from a huge selection of discs from Vibram, Discraft and Innova, organizational disc bags, Nutsack beer holsters and even Skill-Shot portable targets to practice in your own yard or your secret spot in the woods. The number of people enjoying Disc Golf is constantly growing as more people realize how much fun you can have with such little investment. All you need is a disc and a target, and of course some friends, the dogs, the kids, libations, and anything else to help keep the good times rolling. But all you really need is a disc and a target.

Do you like climbing? Well, the rock climbing in Tahoe is as expansive as the granite itself. The area is littered with good rocks, and there are lots of great climbs within a short drive from the lake. There is tons of bouldering and sport and trad climbing nearby, and even an indoor climbing gym in Incline Village, NV, called High Altitude Fitness.

The snow is almost gone and the weather is sweet, so get out and enjoy longer days filled with great outdoor activities. Whatever your spring thing may be, we hope to see you out there. And if you ever need anything to help you get out there, we’re your one-stop-shop for outdoor sporting equipment in North Lake Tahoe. We use the gear we sell and we’re as passionate about the outdoors as our customers are, so you know you’re shopping smart when you shop at Tahoe Mountain Sports. Want to join us on adventures this spring and summer? Join the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Adventure Group on meetup.com and stay up-to-date with fun, free community events in the area.

stand up paddle kayak north lake tahoe
Two locals enjoy still morning water on a kayak and a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

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