We Put the On Running Cloudventure and Cloudrock to the Test

As an avid trail runner, Bootcamp Coach and outdoor enthusiast, I’ll do anything for adventures outside! The On Cloudventure trail running shoes piqued my interest a few years ago when they first came to town. Deciding to give them a try, I never looked back. That was easily 8+ pairs of shoes ago!

I am in my Cloudventure trail running shoes every day! I always prefer dirt over the road where the terrain is less predictable and can be challenging. Depending on the time of year, my trail runs can range from running my dog along the Truckee River 5 miles, to a 16+ mile run with friends on the summit from Sugar Bowl to Squaw or a rambling 6 miles on snow on trails up at the Tahoe Donner Adventure Center. Summer months are usually higher mileage than the winter. While coaching my Outdoor Bootcamp twice a week, the ground surface is unpredictable so it’s crucial to have solid shoes, soles with good traction, yet remain stable and comfortable during the workout.

The On Cloudventure Waterproof trail running shoes do great on snow, ice and slush.

First impressions: On Cloudrock Waterproof and Cloudventure Waterproof

This year, I decided to up my game for the coming winter by getting the Waterproof version. When I went in to purchase the Cloudventure Waterproof trail running shoe ($169), I was super excited to see they had come out with the Cloudrock, a waterproof speed-hiking boot ($229), so I decided to give them a try as well!

My first impression of the Cloudrock Waterproof hiking boots is they felt lightweight, had the exact same great traction as the Cloudventure and looked super sleek and sporty stylish with cushy and comfortable ankle support. The added bonus – Waterproof!

The fit of the waterproof version of the Cloudventures and Cloudrocks was true to my same size as my Cloudventure trail running shoes (US size 8). In comparison, the waterproof material felt a little snugger fit but did not impact my actual sizing. My impression is the material is more durable, being waterproof.

Putting waterproof hiking boots and trail running shoes to the test…

I chose the worst weekend of weather this winter to get out as much as possible with the new shoes and boots. Slushy snow combined with rain and puddles galore.

First to test, the Cloudventure Waterproof trail running shoes. I went to lace up and smiled as I read the shoe insert WATERPROOF NO EXCUSES! I have always told my participants at my Outdoor Bootcamp, “No bad weather, just bad choice in clothing!” So true! Ready to get on with my adventure, I took the mindset of a child and hit every puddle I could on my run.

I enjoyed great comfort and flexibility while feeling nimble on my feet navigating the trails. The shoes have a patented technology, CloudTec®, that I have fallen in love with. They are engineered to deliver a soft landing followed by an explosive take-off. Being waterproof, the uppers material felt very durable, however still light with soles that had great traction on the mud and slushy snow trail. Built with the Missiongrip™ traction, I was not sliding around at all on my feet on challenging terrain and elements, which made for a better overall run and peace of mind. I’m happy to report my feet stayed warm and dry throughout the entire run. Which also proved to me that although waterproof, the material is still breathable and did not leave my feet feeling sweaty or clammy. The price point is only $20 more than the non-waterproof version and I feel it is well worth the investment in cold, wet conditions to keep my feet happy, warm and dry (did I mention that I’m abnormally prone to having my feet and hands get cold?).

Testing the On Cloudrock Waterproof hiking boot on snow and ice.

The verdict, two thumbs up!

I have continued to run with my Cloudventure Waterproof trail running shoes as we move further into the winter and have been consistently pleased with the performance of these shoes on the trails in a variety of elements and terrain. Two thumbs up! I put the Cloudrock Waterproof hiking boots to the test the same weekend. Same harsh weather conditions and I tried to challenge myself further with these boots on terrain that I wouldn’t necessarily run because of steepness and rockiness with wet, snowy conditions where footing is more challenging. The three things that resonated with me throughout was the lightness, comfort, and durable traction these boots demonstrated time after time on my hikes. Hiking can take a different toll on your body and feet than running. As mentioned earlier, one of my favorite features is the soft, yet sturdy ankle support of these boots, which adds to the bonus comfort of the boots. I found that with the Cloudrock Waterproof hiking boots my feet were not tired or sore after long hikes which has often been my previous experience with other hiking boots. I could venture into deeper terrain than the running shoes and still remain dry and warm. They also feel more comfortable and lightweight than my traditional hiking boots and when paired with the Missiongrip™ traction, I felt like I could move faster on the trails with stability. These boots got my vote with another two thumbs up.

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