On Cloudflow Review

By Tahoe Mountain Sports Ambassador Kimberly Yamauchi.

ON Running Cloudflow Shoe Review –

About Me

I’m pretty much a loyalist when it comes to my running shoes. Why fix something that’s not broken?? I’ve been running in the Brooks Ravenna as my road shoe for the last 8 years. But, sometimes something new comes along that deserves my attention. The On Cloudflow running shoe is that shoe. It’s a road shoe, and I’m usually on the trails, but I was headed on a “road trip” and I knew I’d be doing some urban running. Instead of throwing my old Brooks into my suitcase, I stopped by Tahoe Mountain Sports and decided the On Cloudflow shoe could be my Ravenna replacement. I’m a slight pronator so I do like a little bit of support. The ON cloud engineering provides the support that you need, and none that you don’t. It’s a super light shoe with a nice solid feel. It gives a little spring, isn’t bouncy, and has a great smooth ride.

Testing the Shoes

My first run was a track workout, so a nice soft surface. It performed well and I ran comfortably for the entire workout. We cooled down on asphalt and again, I liked the ride. The shoe was so comfortable that I ended up wearing it as I traveled, through the airport, during my flight, etc. My next run was along the lake front in Chicago. This was a mix of surfaces – asphalt, dirt, concrete – and again, the shoe performed well for me throughout the run. So much that I didn’t think about my shoe, just the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline. In addition to runs, this is now my “go-to” shoe for my gym workouts, great for weights, cross-training, etc.

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t tried on an ON running shoe – road or trail – give them a try. I like the little “clouds” underfoot and feel that they are a great “up and coming” running shoe company. I love that they are “Swiss Engineered” as I feel like the Swiss are just so cool, and BTW, this shoe broke the Ironman world record (it wasn’t me!). My only complaint would be that the laces are a bit long, but that can be remedied with a pair of scissors, or a double knot. I think some of their shoes actually have fancy lacing systems so no need to worry about dangling laces.


Name: Kim Yamauchi (@kimyamauchi)
Core Activities: Trail running, mountain biking, road biking, skiing, Nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, kiteboarding (new sport), triathlon (occasionally), crossfit, yoga
Earliest Outdoor Memory: We were always outdoors, playing in the woods, playing in the snow (Buffalo and Minnesota), swimming in the lakes, skiing…I remember the first time my brother took me down a “mogul” run while skiing in Northern Minnesota. I think I fell after each mogul. At the bottom, I looked at him and said, “That was fun. lets do it again!”
Favorite Workout: I love being on the trails, whether mountain biking or trail running. In the winter months, either Nordic skiing or backcountry/skinning.

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