Noso Puffy Patches Gear Review

Noso Puffy Patches Gear Review

By Tahoe Mountain Sports Ambassador Coral Rose Taylor

Reduce, reuse, recycle and REPAIR; check out the Noso patches for an easy and durable way to patch up your favorite soft goods.

About me:

As an environmentalist and human on this amazing planet Earth, I try my best to be mindful of my impacts and footprint (with much room for improvement!). I am also a gear junkie with an interest in multiple sports and activities. Reconciling these two aspects can be challenging, but one approach I’ve taken is to REPAIR my gear; not only increasing its life cycle, but also freeing up my time from having to shop for the perfect replacement.

The lowdown on Noso puffy patches:

Enter Noso Patches. These patches provide a durable, strong and permanent method to repair your favorite textile gear. They can be used for puffy coats, sleeping bags, tents, outerwear; whatever needs a patch. The company was founded in 2015 by Kelli Jones who wanted to find a quality alternative to patching puffy coats with duct tape. She spent a lot of time perfecting the product and I think she nailed it!

These patches are waterproof, have some stretch and give, and move with the fabric. The edges also stay down and the patches I have on my favorite jacket still look as good as the day I applied them; over a year ago! Another benefit of repair using Noso Patches is the financial aspect; rather than buying new gear, I can spend a small amount and continue using that expensive puffy/hard shell/sleeping bag, saving my cash for future adventures and fancy coffee.

Patch application is srsly easy…

  1. Peel off the backing.
  2. Apply the patch. (Make sure it’s where you want it; it will not move once you get it in place).
  3. Press down evenly.
  4. Tumble dry low 15 minutes or use a hair dryer to heat set the patch.
  5. Get outside and do something fun.

Form is as important to me as function, and again, Noso Patches knock this aspect out of the park. There are a ton of fun designs and colors to choose from and they also make patches in collaboration with many companies. (One of my favorite colabs is the Shred the Patriarchy patch from Coalition Snow; I wear mine on my old standard black puffy and it really adds some zazz.)

How to Shred the Patriarchy: 1. Get a Noso/Coalition Snow colab patch (supporting two women-owned businesses!) 2. Put it on your favorite jacket. 3. Do your best to make the world better.

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Noso aims to keep gear out of landfills by increasing its life span. They have also thought about the packaging and have considered how to make it reusable.

My homegirl Brittany rocking her new Noso patch! This fashionista makes everything look fab, and the metallic gold steer is glam enough for her.

The Bottom Line:

For all these reasons, I’m a huge fan of Noso Patches. I have many in my sewing kit, and love to patch up friends and family.

I also have Noso Patches in my First Aid kits for mountain biking, backcountry split boarding and hiking; they are super lightweight and small, and repairing a hole in a puffy or wind layer could mean the difference between comfort and a shivering/wet night. The only con with these patches is that all the colorways and patterns can make it difficult to decide – so many fun options to choose from!

Come into Tahoe Mountain Sports and shop our selection of fun Noso patches! Or purchase them from one of our online partners.

Use these patches to extend the life of your gear and learn more about shopping sustainably in our Sustainable Gear Guide!

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