New Sierra Designs Backpacking & Camping Gear For 2014

Why carry more than necessary on trips that require distance travel over uneven terrain? That’s just foolish. When you put effort into cutting down your weight load, you increase your comfort level and enjoy yourself more. After all, hat’s why we explore the great outdoors; to find solace outside of our “hectic” lives (#firstworldproblems). New for 2014, Tahoe Mountain Sports is proud to carry the supremely comfortable, minimalist sleep systems from Sierra Designs.

If you’re into lightweight hiking and backpacking, you’re going to LOVE a sweet new Sierra Designs sleep system:

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed

600 Fill Duck DriDown 600 Fill Duck DriDown
As recipient of a 2014 Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, the Backcountry Bed provides the comfort you get from your bed at home…in the backcountry. Enter this awesome zipper-less sleeping bag via a large port in the top and seal it off with an over-sized, integrated comforter that wraps naturally to your preferred sleeping position. This allows you to sleep naturally on your back, side or stomach and adjust to varying temperatures. What’s cool about the “Caternary Shaped Opening” is that it’s smaller than the width of the bag, so when you push outward the walls push back, sealing any drafts that could let in colder air. A security sleeve holds your sleeping pad in place so you feel like you’re in a real bed, and a self-sealing foot vent gives you access to the outside but blocks potential wind-tunnels to keep you comfortable no matter the wind levels.
Ladies, there’s a female version too. The women’s Backcountry Bed is four inches shorter, three inches more narrow at the shoulders, and uses two ounces more DriDown filling where women lose more heat than men.

Sierra Designs Mobile Mummy

800 Fill Duck DriDown 800 Fill Duck DriDown
The Mobile Mummy moves when you do, so you can sleep on your side, stomach or back without feeling constrained. The arm ports have no zippers, toggles or hook-and-loop closures to get in your way. You can wear it like a shirt to sit up with free hands, and/or store the foot box and walk around camp wrapped in deluxe comfort. The zipper is easy to operate so you won’t get stuck inside with a full bladder, and dual sliders can be zipped from the bottom to increase ventilation. A draft collar, comfy tube and “curtains” keep cold air out and warm air in so you can drift off into dreamland without compromise. At 2-lbs, 4-oz, this lightweight sleeping bag is ideal for longer treks.
For campers between 6′ and 6’6″, they designed the Long Mobile Mummy. It’s $20 more expensive to cover the cost of that extra 20D Nylon Ripstop outer material and more down insulation.

While you’re busy dropping weight and boosting comfort, you may as well round out the whole package with some lightweight backpacking clothing and apparel for hiking and endurance sports. Check out the new collection of Sierra Designs jackets, shirts, pants and more.

Sierra Designs is leading a movement they’re calling Intelligent Minimalism. According to a recent blog post, “Reduce the physical clutter and you’ll clear the mental clutter too.” Follow this link to read about Sierra Designs’ philosopy: Intelligent Minimalism

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