Local Athletes Waving the Tahoe Mountain Sports Flag


Waving the Tahoe Mountain Sports Flag: Introducing our New Ambassadors

We’d like to take a moment to welcome a handful of new ambassadors to the Tahoe Mountain Sports team. It wasn’t easy to choose who we wanted representing our brand. Each ambassador was hand-picked for many reasons–different activities, different passions, different social groups–but they all have certain things in common; they love mountain sports and they are positive influences within our local community. Welcome to the team, crew! We are STOKED to have you.


Name: Emily Blackmer (@emilyblackmer)
Core Activities: Nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, mountain running, mountain biking
Most epic adventure: It’s hard to compare racing 50k on Nordic skis during a blizzard to multi-day wilderness trips, but probably the adventure I treasure most was skiing the Haute Route with my brother and dad. The Alps are so breathtaking, and it was incredibly special to share that experience with my family.
Who Inspires You? I am inspired all the time! I love following and learning from people who know when to go hard and when to lie on the couch, people who use their public platform for good, people who aren’t afraid to hustle in pursuit of a dream or goal, and people who value quality of life highly.


Name: Kim Yamauchi (@kimyamauchi)
Core Activities: Trail running, mountain biking, road biking, skiing, Nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, kiteboarding (new sport), triathlon (occasionally), crossfit, yoga
Earliest Outdoor Memory: We were always outdoors, playing in the woods, playing in the snow (Buffalo and Minnesota), swimming in the lakes, skiing…I remember the first time my brother took me down a “mogul” run while skiing in Northern Minnesota. I think I fell after each mogul. At the bottom, I looked at him and said, “That was fun. lets do it again!”
Favorite Workout: I love being on the trails, whether mountain biking or trail running. In the winter months, either Nordic skiing or backcountry/skinning.


Name: Polly Triplat (@pollytahoe)
Core Activities: Skiing (all types), mountain biking, running, backpacking
Favorite Workout: Anything outdoors…but I do love skinning up a mountain in a blizzard.
Who Inspires You? My dad, who is 82 and skis more days than I do.
Local Community Organizations: Slow Food Lake Tahoe, Sierra Avalanche Center, Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue
Life Motto: Let no one ever come to you without leaving better.


Name: Cooper Honeywell (@coophoneywell)
Core Activities: Nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, trail running, paddleboarding, surfing
Most Epic Adventure: Probably doing the Great Ski Race last year in a blizzard, or a 10-mile paddleboard race around Alcatraz, next to huge tanker ships.
Who Inspires You? I have multiple inspirations but mainly they are my older teammates. I see them succeeding and I really look up to them.
Local Community Organizations: Lake Tahoe Watermans Association, Tahoe Cross Country Ski Education Association, Far West Nordic


Name: Mone Haen (@monehaen)
Core Activities: Running, swimming, skiing, cycling, yoga
Most Epic Adventure to Date: Trekking honeymoon in Patagonia
Who Inspires Me: My husband – he’s one of the most athletic and adventurous people I know. I actually wrote it into our wedding vows that I’d try to keep up with him!
Local community organizations: former Treasurer for Donner Party Mountain Runners (2 years), currently a volunteer coordinator and coach for Buddy Werner Truckee Ski Team
Life Motto: Newton’s First Law of Motion – An object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Stay in motion.

Veteran Ambassadors

The following mountain athletes have been representing us in the field several years, and we’re grateful to still have them around, waving the Tahoe Mountain Sports flag. Learn about each of their passions and pastimes at https://www.tahoemountainsports.com/ambassador-program/

tahoe mountain sports ambassadors

Mike Tebbutt (@tahoemiketebbutt)

Rachel McCullough (@rachelmcphotos)

Chris Cloyd (@_trashtalk)

Coral Taylor (@c_ros)

Kyle Railton (@coachtmud)

Kaya Lampa (@kayalampa)

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