The Best 3 Julbo Sunglasses for Speed and Performance

The Julbo Aero Series

Say Hello to Your New Favorite Performance Sunglasses

We love the Aero Series of Julbo performance sunglasses. They are undoubtedly the best 3 Julbo sunglasses for speed and performance. Performance is at the core of this line and every feature is designed with that in mind. They are incredibly lightweight, so much so that you might even forget that you’re wearing them. All three in the Aero line – the Aero, Aerospeed, and Aerolite – feature a 3D nose fit with adjustable pads, full venting to promote the best possible air circulation, an elastomer shock absorber insert around the temple for comfort, and wide lenses so that you can take in the maximum field of vision. All three sunglasses are available in an Asain fit.

Julbo Lens Technology

What makes Julbo standout to us at Tahoe Mountain Sports, are their lenses. There are two lens options for Julbo’s Aero sunglasses: Spectron Polycarbonate Glasses and Reactiv Photochromic Lenses. Let’s dive into the differences.

The Spectron Polycarbonate Glass is a great multipurpose lens that boasts excellent shock absorption. They are good for any outdoor sport.

The Reactiv Photochromic Lens is a TMS favorite because it adapts to the light conditions and becomes lighter or darker depending on how much light is available. The cat. 1-3 photochromic lens has a VLT (visibility light transmission) of 17% – 75%. What all this means is that these lenses are perfect for trail runners, mountain bikers, Nordic or backcountry skiers who are out in varying terrain and light conditions (think dawn patrol!). With the Reactiv Photochromic Lens, you don’t have to mess with your sunglasses when you head in and out of dark trees. Wait a few seconds and the glasses will match the changing conditions. This lens also comes with an anti-fog coating and external oil-repellant coating.

Julbo Aero Series – The Best Lightweight, Performance Sunglasses

Julbo Aero – “Light as air”

These sunglasses are unbelievably light. You might put them on and completely forget that you’re wearing them. The photochromic lens adjusts to the light around you making them perfect for trail running, mountain biking, nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, or any other sport that takes you in and out of low light conditions. They are designed with plenty of ventilation, so fogging is never an issue, and fit with a snug, comfortable grip. We love these for training and racing. Pick up a pair for your next triathlon!

Price: $129.95

Julbo Aerolite – “Designed to be forgotten”

The Aerolite is basically a slimmed-down Areo, designed specifically for women and runners with smaller faces. It still has all the wonderful features of the Aero – maximum ventilation, incredibly lightweight, comfortable secure grip, and high-quality photochromic lenses. These are the sunglasses you want on your next trail run or early morning nordic ski. They are also fantastic triathlon glasses. Wear them for training or racing and you’ll forget they’re even there.

Price: $209.95

Julbo Aerospeed – “Unlimited vision and performance”

If the Aerolite is the XS version of the Aero, the Aerospeed is the XXL. The larger lens gives you a lot of coverage and a huge field of vision. If you like going fast on a bike, skis, or on foot, you’ll love the streamlined coverage the Aerospeed offers. Just like the original Aero, these sunglasses are designed for peak performance and offer comfort, ventilation, and clarity in an ultralight package. If your adventures err on the side of light and fast, you’ll want to be wearing the Aerospeed. These are our top choice for a PR at your next triathlon!

Price: $209.95

What does the TMS team think of Julbo Sunglasses?

Three things truly stand out about the Julbo Aero with the Zebra Light 1-3 lens which makes it my go-to pair of sunglasses for trail running and mountain biking. First off, the rubber on the arms, along with an adjustable nose piece means these glasses never slip off my face. Additionally, the frame is extremely lightweight meaning I forget I’m even wearing them. Lastly, the Reactiv lens means that I can put these glasses on at sunrise, and keep them in place through the forest, across meadows, and above treeline. The combination of these factors means I can put these sunglasses on and not have to adjust them, wherever the trail may take me.

Johannes, Tahoe Mountain Sports Ski Guru

Julbo has changed my forest runs forever. I love being able to run from bright open areas into the forest without having to take off my sunglasses. No more sunglasses falling off my head or squinting to take in a beautiful view. The lenses transition without me even noticing and the 1-3 lense is perfect for running, biking or hiking in forested areas. I was also pleasantly surprised by how well my Jublo sunglasses fit. If you hate taking sunglasses on and off during your adventures and want to protect your eyes, Julbo’s transition sunglasses are perfect for you.

Shannon, Tahoe Mountain Sports Coffee Connoisseur

I’ve had the Aero and now the Aerospeed. I really like the bigger frame and fuller coverage of the Aerospeed. While I know I look dorky, these are the best go to shades for everything I do. The lens lightens up perfectly for winter backcountry ski dawn patrols, darkens for midday skimo sessions and is equally good at preventing my eyes from tearing up when crushing down the summer trails while running or mountain biking. To me, if you are going with a pair of sunglasses for your activity pursuits, the ones with the most coverage make the most sense.

Dave, Tahoe Mountain Sports Owner

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