Run Wireless and Free with Jaybird Vista Headphones

Once I tried wireless headphones, I knew I’d never go back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my phone by catching the headphone cord on something and had it fall out of my pocket. I don’t know how I never broke it!

I have been using wireless headphones for anything from sports like running, hiking, and walking to just cleaning the house or cooking.

There are many different kinds of wireless headphones (have you checked out the Aftershokz?). The Jaybird Vistas go directly in your ear and are not connected to each other by a wire. They are an earbud style.

Close up of Jaybird Vista wireless headphones

I put these to the test in many different running and walking conditions, plus around the house.

What I liked most about these was the sound quality. Second was the fast charge and the charging case. So, if you run out of battery in the headphones, just put them back in the case and they will charge up again. This is perfect for on the go and travel. But with the battery life lasting about 6 hours, running out wasn’t an issue at all for me.

One initial challenge I had was learning how to put them in my ears so that they didn’t fall out. At first, I thought they just didn’t fit me right. But, that wasn’t the case. I just hadn’t put them in properly. Once I figured that out I could more easily get them in and get them aligned right. So, don’t give up if you think they don’t fit initially. Have someone take a look and let you know if they are actually in your ear correctly.

Close up of Jaybird Vista in-ear wireless headphones

In the cooler months, I run with a headband or buff over my ears. Getting the buff situated with headphones has always been an issue. I found with these that the buff pressed the headphones deeper into my ears and that didn’t feel great. But, on the plus side, since these fully blocked my ears and therefore the wind, I found that only in the coldest conditions did I actually need to pull the buff down completely over my ears. And in those conditions, my runs are fairly short anyway!

Jaybird Vista in ear wireless headphones

The pros and cons of the Jaybird Vista

The pros

  • Slick charging case
  • Great sound quality
  • Easy to control the stop/play functions
  • Amazing battery life
  • Good low battery reminder announcement
  • Sweat-proof
  • You can use one at a time
  • Fast charging with USB-C

The cons

  • No volume adjustment on the earbuds
  • Might not fit every ear even with 3 sizes of rubber attachments
  • Hard to hear outside noise like traffic if exercising outside
  • You might not like how they “block” your ears, but this might not bother you. You might also be able to have them sit in your ear in such a way that they are not blocked
  • Can be tricky to learn to get them placed in your ear correctly

My recommendation

Try them on! If these fit you properly, you’ll probably love them.

Be mindful using these when an awareness of what is going on around you is required.

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