Putting the Ignik Firecan to the Test

One of my very dear friends was getting married in Yosemite and I thought it would be a great chance to try out the Ignik Firecan. The Firecan is a propane-powered portable campfire.

Firecan and Gas Growler

I opted for the Ignik Gas Growler Deluxe, a 1-gallon propane tank that comes with a convenient and slick carrying case. The Firecan will work with any basic propane tank but this way I didn’t not need to worry about finding a fuel source (or lugging around a giant 5-gallon tank).

Firecan and Gas Growler Deluxe

The after-wedding ceremony took place at the campground so I loaded the Firecan and tank onto my ebike and headed over. When the sun went down, and the festoon lights went on, I went to set up the Firecan. Everyone was asking questions about it and I felt like the coolest kid in camp.

Ignik Firecan on E bike

Set up was super-fast and simple (took less than 2 minutes). Pulled out my lighter, twisted the propane tank valve, flicked the bic…and nothing. Checked the connections, and nothing. That’s when someone asked me if I filled the propane tank first and I sheepishly answered no. I no longer felt like the coolest kid and camp and wanted to disappear for 7 to 9 minutes. Luckily they were BBQ-ing chicken for the party and had an extra 5-gallon tank that they lent me and saved the day. We quickly re-did the connections, twisted the valve, flicked the bic once again, and voila! – we had flame.

Firecan at wedding party

Within moments, people were gathered around, hands warming by the gentle flames and stories told in smokeless glory. Even my partner, usually the biggest skeptic on my purchases, started talking about how she wished we had one during a recent trip to Moab.

This Firecan will travel with me on all sorts of adventures (picnicking on the beach, car camping, any outdoor gathering with friends, or even creating heat and ambiance while chilling out on the back deck). I have never been a huge fan of campfires because of the amount of smoke (that always seems to be directed at you) and the Firecan eliminates this. There is no longer any stress about whether the fire is out at the end of the night.

Firecan on Moto Adventure

I give it a 5-star rating.


Ease of use, safe, convenient, small, smoke free.


The only con: don’t forget to fill propane tank before your adventure.

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