Hestra Ergo Grip Active: The Glove That Nearly Got Away

A few years ago, I was looking for a new pair of gloves for spring skiing. I tried on the Hestra Ergo Grip Active and immediately fell in love with this winter glove. The smooth supple leather and great fit were intoxicating but the price tag was a bit high ($100+). I ended up with a different glove but regretted that decision ever since.

When I finally found the glove again, in my size, at Tahoe Mountain Sports, I didn’t think twice and purchased it without hesitation. Turns out, it didn’t disappoint.

Hestra Ergo Grip Active winter glove for cross country skiing, resort skiing, and everything in between.

Testing the Hestra Ergo Grip Active

The glove is great for so many outside cool weather activities. I’ve been using it recently for the warmer Nordic ski days, but it’s also the perfect glove for backcountry skiing when you are skinning up the trail. I know I’ll use this for spring alpine skiing, and it will also work for early spring and late fall biking days.

The entire palm of this glove is Hestra’s smooth buttery goat leather while the upper is a highly breathable and windproof Gore-Tex. Slip these on and you’ll understand. And, they get even better over time as the leather forms to your hands. Believe me, you won’t be sorry for this one.

Photo courtesy of Hestra Gloves

My husband is the lucky owner of a pair of these as well. Although not one to comment, I know these are his “go-to’s” as they are either on the ledge, ready to go, or back in his ski bag, ready for the next outing.

The Ergo Grip Active comes in a few different colors. I opted for the forest/natural brown, while my husband has the black. This way we don’t mix them up, but you can also choose grey, pink, or navy paired with white leather.

The bottom line

If you’re wondering if Hestra’s are really worth the extra buck, my answer is 100% yes. They are extremely versatile for those that enjoy a variety of winter sports and the comfort/durability can’t compare. So do yourself a favor – ditch your bulky, sweaty gloves, invest in a pair of these Hestra Ergo Grip Actives, and get out and play!

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