Have A Very NEMO Holiday! Win A Sleeping Bag & Backpacking Pillow


Between December 4 and 16 win a NEMO sleeping bag and a backpacking pillow by simply entering your email address here!

We’ve teamed up with NEMO Equipment to bring you another great gear giveaway just in time for the holidays! Do you enjoy sleeping comfortably both indoors and out? Or maybe you know someone who does, and they would appreciate the most comfortable sleeping bag EVER even more than you would. ….. Wait a minute! What am I saying? Who doesn’t like sleeping comfortably? Okay, sorry, let me start over. If you’re not the kind of person who appreciates a good night’s sleep, you probably have no reason to be here. Everybody else, this giveaway is for you!

You could win a warm and cozy outdoor package including a NEMO Rhythm 25-Degree spoon-shaped sleeping bag and a NEMO Fillo inflatable backpacking pillow. That’s a $265 value! If you’ve never slept with NEMO, you’ve been missing out. Their innovative ‘spoon’ design has wowed testers and won numerous awards industry-wide. NEMO spoon-shaped sleeping bags match your body’s contour better and allow for more comfortable side-sleeping than traditionally shaped bags. They provide more room at the knees and elbows to allow movement during the night, and they’re amazingly lightweight for how warm they keep you. NEMO pillows are also very soft and comfortable on the skin and are a backpacker’s delight, adding lightweight luxury on (and off!) the trail.

Between December 4 and 16, visit our contest page on Facebook. Enter your email address in the box and we’ll select one random entry on December 17. Contest winner will be contacted via email. It’s that easy!

Check out this cool video highlighting NEMO’s spoon-shaped line of sleeping bags:

Click Here To Enter To Win A NEMO Sleeping Bag & Backpacking Pillow

Stay Warm, and Have A Very NEMO Holiday!

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