Goal Zero Portable Power Stations Strong Enough to Power Your Home Off the Grid

If you read our blog on the smaller Goal Zero power stations, you know a little bit about Goal Zero as a whole. However, if you don’t will give you a quick rundown on the brand.

Goal Zero has a deep rooted history in the humanitarian space. Passion for adventure, respect for the planet, and in helping those in need are what inspire the company. Their mission, “To empower people with a safe, connected, and sustainable future by delivering accessible energy resilience solutions at home and away.”

Goal Zero has brought power to villages and orphanages for the first time, donated millions of dollars worth of product after natural disasters all across the globe, and has created complete home integration kits for backup power in case of emergencies. Their larger power stations are able to support living/traveling off the grid when paired with their high wattage solar panels that can easily be linked together for maximum output.

Large and In Charge Goal Zero Power Stations

Yeti 3000X

Goal Zero Big Power Stations

Though the Yeti 3000X weighs nearly 70 pounds, this power station is still quite portable and more convenient compared to most gas generators that produce the same power output. Included in the box is a roll cart which really helps with moving the Yeti 3000X from place to place. However, if you are using it in fairly rough terrain, be careful as the clearance of the cart to the ground isn’t much. The Yeti 3000X can be used in as many capacities as the smaller stations and then some…a lot of some actually.

Goal Zero Big Power Stations

This power station can provide enough power to get you through glamping expeditions or fully integrate it to your home for back up power. Enjoy all the amenities from home when living on the road whether that’s for a weekend, a week, or long-term living.

What Can the Yeti Power?

Smart Phone(12Wh): 253 recharges
Tablet(30Wh): 101 recharges
Laptop(50Wh): 61 recharges
POV Camera(5Wh): 607 recharges
DSLR Camera(18Wh): 169 recharges
Head Lamp(5Wh): 607 recharges
Light-a-Life 350(4.5W): 674 hours
Light Bulb(11W): 276 hours
TV (42″ LED)(100W): 31 hours
CPAP(65W): 47 hours
Pellet Grill(60W): 51 hours
Microwave(1000W): 3 hours
Portable Fridge(25W): 122 hours
WiFi Router(25W): 122 hours
Mini Fridge(35W): 87 hours
Full Size Refrigerator(71W): 43 hours

Charging Your Goal Zero Yeti 3000X

There are three different ways to charge the Yeti 3000X. Via the sun with larger solar panels such as the Boulder 200 Briefcase and the Ranger 300 Briefcase, from your standard wall outlet with the included 230W AC power supply, and with the Yeti Lithium 12V Car Charging Cable. *DISCLAIMER: DO NOT attempt to charge your Yeti from a 12V source using any other cable, doing so may cause damage to the unit.*

Because the Yeti 3000X can produce so much power, the charging times can be significantly longer if charging at lower wattage. With a max input of 600W, pairing this power stations with multiple solar panels or upgrading to the 600W AC power supply will charge it much more efficiently. Especially, if you are depending on it as your main source of power for living (like I currently am). Which brings us to the highest output solar panel Goal Zero offers, the Ranger 300 Briefcase.

Goal Zero Big Power Stations
Yeti 3000x and Ranger 300 Briefcase w/included carrying case

Ranger 300 Briefcase

Goal Zero Big Power Stations
Yeti 3000x and Ranger 300 Briefcase

The Ranger 300 Briefcase boasts the ability to produce up to 300 watts while maintaining lightweight portability. With four 75 watt panels chained together and connected at hinges like the Boulder 100 and 200 Briefcase, you can fold the Ranger up easy transportation and storage. Made from a thinner aluminum and ETFE polymer rather than glass, the Ranger 300 is actually 3 pounds lighter than the Boulder 200!

With the Goal Zero High Power Port Connector and High Power Port Extension Cable, you can connect multiple panels to your power station for maximum input and cut your charging time way down. This is incredibly helpful when you don’t have the best sun angle, or need to leave your power station to charge and cannot adjust the panels throughout the day to receive optimal input.

Complete Home Integration

Goal Zero Big Power Stations

Living in California, the chances for power outages have skyrocketed over the years. With wildfires and extreme heat waves in the summers, followed by winter storms in the Sierra, the chances of having to rely on a back up power source throughout the year are pretty high. Many folks have relied on gas generators for these instances, but gone are the day of cold starts, low fuel, and loud generators thanks to Goal Zero’s home integration kits.

Goal Zero Big Power Stations

With the home integration kit, you can select up to 4 circuits from your breaker panel to be able to power up the important things during a power outage such as your refrigerator, light switches, or even some medical devices. Important note: This kit must be installed by a qualified licensed electrician with a thorough knowledge of all applicable electrical and building codes, is only viable with indoor circuit breaker panels and you must have Yeti 1000X or above.

Goal Zero Big Power Stations
Goal Zero Big Power Stations
Charge up your Yeti power station off the grid in the comfort of you home with your Goal Zero solar panels

Off Grid Living

Not only has Goal Zero enabled us to keep our “comfort” conveniences close by (like TV and your coffee grinder), they have truly offered an accessible way to access power during emergency situations, or when living full time off grid. I’ve loved having my Yeti 3000X to power up the convenient amenities after a long work day, but more than that, it’s allowed me to work from home without a gas generator running in my ear or worrying about gas usage and prices! I can keep my laptop charged and the wifi flowing. It also provides us with the assurance that our food won’t be spoiling in the refrigerator while we are are work. We are stoked to be able to pack it up and take it with us on the go whether that’s for fun or during a worst case scenario situation where we have to evacuate.

Whether you are planning to power your life and livelihood off of a Goal Zero, use it as a back up power source, or just on a fun weekend getaway, the Yeti 3000X could be highly worth it for you! Check out or blog on the smaller power stations below for more “on the go” power.

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