Gear Gift Guide: A Tahoe Ski Bum's Holiday Wish List


Admit it: you’re either a ski bum at-heart, you acted like one before you got a ‘real job’, or you’re personally close to a ski bum. If you’re literally close to a ski bum, ask them what type of gifts they’d want for the holidays in the off-chance somebody bought them something both cool and useful. I’ll bet their response would stem from one or more of these factors: winter sports gear, warm winter clothes or tools/gadgets only an outdoor enthusiast could truly appreciate.

I actually did it. I asked three ski bums who work at Tahoe Mountain Sports what they would pick from the store if they could choose three items of separate values: <$25, <$75 and <$300. This gear gift guide is sure to align with the holiday wishes of a ski bum in your life:



Meaghen has a serious fashion sense and it’s obvious when you meet her. She’s always sporting a new style, even at work, and we knew we could count on her to present some quality women’s gift ideas.

Under $25HippyTree Clothing 2015 Wall Calendar

I really like to make sure all of my friends and family’s birthdays are on my calendar and HippyTree Clothing makes awesome clothing for a relaxed outdoor lifestyle, so this 2015 wall calendar is a must have for the upcoming year!

Under $75Moving Comfort FineForm Bra

Comfort is key and the FineForm Bra from Moving Comfort really dialed it in with this piece. Whether I am out on the trails or working, this bra has an adjustable and soft, padded back closure that makes me forget its even there!

Under $300FlyLow Gear Chione Ski Pants – Women’s

Style meets functionality in this modern, classy pair of ski pants from FlyLow Gear (and I can’t go a day on the mountain without them). Incorporating a slim fit that flatters, the women’s FlyLow Gear Chione Ski Pants are an optimal winter choice with 2-layer Intuitive stretch twill, reinforced knees and a breathable waterproof membrane.



Todd handles all things tech for Tahoe Mountain Sports, so we weren’t surprised when he asked for a solar powered product, a comfortable shirt to work and play in and a new helmet to keep that brain working in top shape.

Under $25 Luci Aura Multi-Color Inflatable Solar Lantern

The original Luci Lantern was awesome enough, but now it comes in color! Compact, lightweight, solar powered, all-night battery life, 8 color presets and disco mode. Fun lighting for a backyard barbecue, a great beacon for nighttime rendezvous, after dark trail marker, TTITD, backcountry dance party, and a million other uses.

Under $75Mountain Hardwear Trekkin Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt – Men’s

Anybody that knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with plaid and flannels. I’d like to indulge my addiction by adding yet another fine flannel to my collection. This flannel from Mountain Hardwear feels like it’s made from cotton but it’s actually 100% moisture-wicking and fast-drying polyester.

Under $300POC Receptor Backcountry MIPS Helmet

I’m in the market for a new brain bucket and this one from POC has the perfect cross-section of ventilation, weight, and safety. My love of craft brews is killing brain cells quickly enough; MIPS, a multi-impact liner, and other advanced safety features will help me protect what’s left.

Matt (aka “Boon”)

As the newest Tahoe Mountain Sports employee, Matt (or as everyone calls him, “Boon”), jumped at the chance to showcase his Tahoe Ski Bum wishlist. His holiday picks would go a long way for any guy who’d simply rather be in the mountains.

Under $25 Squallywood – The complete guide to Squaw Valley

If you live in the Tahoe area, call yourself a ski bum and don’t own a copy of Squallywood you automatically loose 100 G.N.A.R. points. Don’t let your child or significant other stand in line at KT-22 without knowing the rules to “G.N.A.R..” I’d also throw in a few Black Diamond Ski Straps to round out my $25 gift. The ski strap is one of the most useful items on a ski tour gone wrong and could also be used as a bookmark while referencing Squallywood.

Under $75Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

I don’t go on a backcountry tour without a headlamp and the Revolt is one of the brightest on the market with 130 lumens. Perfect for dawn patrol or an epic that lasts much longer than expected. The Revolt is also waterproof so if you need to use it in a late night hot spring you’re covered. Although who really wants to see anything at that point?

Under $300Arc’teryx Khamski 38 Ski Backpack

This pack is bombproof! Easily fit everything you need for a day tour and the pack offers a great ski/snowboard carry system for climbing steep couloirs. There are also dedicated pockets and sleeves for avalanche safety equipment. When the East side corn harvest is in season you might even be able to get your gear dialed enough to use the Khamski 38 for overnight tours.

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