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Tahoe Mountain Sports is on Garmin Connect!

We recently started a group on Garmin Connect for our awesome community of runners, skiers, hikers… even rollerbladers! Whatever you love to do, make sure to track it with your Garmin watch and sync it in the Garmin Connect app. When you join our group you will automatically be entered into our weekly challenges. The top two participants and one person chosen at random will win a goody bag full of swag like buffs, Clif bars, and more!

What is Garmin Connect? An app that syncs with your Garmin device to track and analyze your health and fitness activities.

How do we find out who won the weekly challenge? Bookmark this page. We will announce the winners here each week.

Sign me up! How do I join? Click here to join Tahoe Mountain Sports on Garmin Connect.

Weekly Challenge Winners!

This is where winners are announced. If your name is on the list, get in touch for your swag bag!

Week Two – Step Challenge

Winners: Lesley, Cody Tripp, Frances Finney

Week One – Calorie Challenge

Winners: Ben Hogan, Danny Klauer, Natili

Claim your prize!

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