Five Fall Essentials and Why We Love Them!

It’s that time again, shorter days, chilly nights, golden Aspens. Fall is here! Before it’s too late, get out and explore. Here are a couple of essentials to get you out and enjoying this Fall season.

A Great Pair of Running Shoes

ON Running Cloudventure Waterproof – M / W $170
Fall Essentials ON Cloudventure Waterproof

Why we love them:

The On Running Cloudtech© or “clouds” give you an airy float when running, walking, and trekking. The lightweight design, waterproof build, and energy transferring Speedboard© will enhance your performance in any condition. Waterproof shoes are a huge benefit to Fall running when flurries and rain create unpredictable conditions.

Don’t Skimp on Socks

Why we love these:

For every good shoe, there is a great sock to go with it. Heavy research and new technology have upped the sock game. Good socks can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your outing.

Smartwool Run Targeted Cushion Ankle Socks – $19
Fall Essentials smartwool run targeted

With ventilation and cushion areas these socks have been created for the optimal run. Keeping your feet warm while allowing for breathability. Available in men’s and women’s sizes.

CEP Compression Tall Socks – $ 60
Fall Essentials  CEP Tall Compression

These socks take your training to the next level. Used for running, intense training, hiking, or even during travel. Moisture-wicking, breathable, and light. These socks give back to their user every use. Check out more of our CEP compression socks here.

A Beanie for Every Season

Deso – Devils Valley Cuff Beanie
Fall Essentials Deso Devil's Valley Cuff Beanie

Why we love them:

Who doesn’t love an excuse to wear a beanie? Warm enough to keep those ears toasty when the wind whips but light enough to wear on a casual day. The materials used are super soft, won’t stretch over time, and are made in the USA. Deso beanies come in various knit patterns and colors.

Bonus Points: This company strives to be sustainable and use locally sourced material. In every area, from development to delivery they work to reduce their impact.

Light and Cozy Pants

Vuori – Mens and Womens Performance Jogger – W $84 / M $89
Fall Essentials vuori mens performance jogger
Fall Essentials women's vuori performance jogger

Why we love them:

I mean really love them! Soft, stretchy, versatile. Need we say more. These cozy pants will take you from Netflix on the couch to a jog through the woods. Their light and airy design along with a tapered ankle give your run that extra kick it needs. Soft enough to wear to sleep, fashionable enough to wear to the store, and certainly durable enough to wear on a run or walk in the woods!

Lightweight Puffer

Kari Traa – Women’s Voss Hybrid Jacket – $250
Fall Essentials Kari Traa Voss Jacket

Why we love it:

If you want to mix it up, this jacket will let you stand out. Its lightweight material allows you to move freely without feeling constricted. Better yet, this versatile jacket can take you through brisk fall hikes, light showers, and well into arctic temperatures as a mid-layer.

Bonus Points: The water-resistant layer (Rudolf Bionic Finish©) is ECO-friendly.

Patagonia Nano Puff – Mens / Womens – $200- $250
Fall Essentials patagonia nano puff

Why we love it:

The Classic Layer for men and women. The Patagonia Nano Puff comes with or without a hood and makes brisk days a breeze! Water-resistant, windproof and warm. Used as a mid-layer into winter.

Bonus Points: 100% Recycled Polyester Shell, Vegan (Filled with Primaloft synthetic insulation), Fair Trade Sewn.

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