Father's Day Garmin Promotion

Gift Ideas and Promotions at Tahoe Mountain Sports for this Father’s Day

The countdown to Father’s Day is on! We have some great gift ideas for Dad, plus special promotions to help you pick out the perfect present. Treat your Dad to something special this Father’s Day and celebrate the day outside together.

For this Father’s Day, Tahoe Mountain Sports is offering 20% off of up to two full price items from men's apparel. Garmin is also running a special which we are honoring in store.



Up to $200 select watch styles and $100 off InReach Minis.

Watches: Give the gift of performance-tracking, time, and style to Dad this year. Garmin watches are known for their variability and sleek look. Health and fitness tracking have never looked so good! 

InReach Mini: Your go-to connection for maintaining off-the-grid contact. It's Garmin's palm-sized satellite communicator for adventures where size and weight matter. Encourage Dad to adventure even more this summer!

Don’t forget to ask for our FREE gift wrapping!

Did you know that Tahoe Mountain Sports offers free complimentary gift wrapping for any occasion? Treat dad to a special gift and we’ll do all the work so you can surprise him with the perfect present.


Happy Father’s Day from Tahoe Mountain Sports

Share in the comments below how you’re going to celebrate!

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