Go Eco-Friendly with this Plant-Based Ski Wax

Backcountry skiers often find themselves at odds with the values that drive them to the mountains and the environmental cost of their gear. One of the main culprits of this dilemma is petroleum-based ski wax. That’s why we’re excited about mountainFLOW eco-wax, an eco-friendly brand with a line of water and plant-based waxes that aren’t hazardous to the environment like their synthetic counterparts.

While there is debate on how damaging hydrocarbon wax (the most commonly used wax in the ski industry) is to the environment, there is no question that what we put on our skis eventually ends up in our rivers and soil where it bioaccumulates over time. Not to mention that these waxes contain harmful PFCs that pose serious health risks for ski techs and anyone with high exposure levels. So what’s the solution? Eco-friendly, non-toxic, plant and water-based wax from mountainFLOW eco-wax.

About mountainFLOW eco-wax

The brand was started in 2016 with the mission of providing a simple and eco-friendly way to improve ski performance. They started with water-based products and have since expanded to plant-based waxes as well. All mountainFLOW eco-wax products come in recycled and reusable packaging. Let’s see how creative you can get with the metals tins and cardboard tubes!

Non-Toxic Wax at Tahoe Mountain Sports

Shop these mountainFLOW eco-wax’s at Tahoe Mountain Sports.

Quick Wax

  • $15.95
  • Plant-based
  • Rub on application

Skin Wax Spray

  • $13.95
  • Water-based
  • Apply before each skin

Skin Wax Rub On

  • $13.95
  • Plant-based
  • Apply in the field

Hot Wax

  • $18.50
  • Plant-based
  • Four temperatures

Trail Tested

I used the rub on wax and skin wax recently on a few tours in Tahoe. I really like that the rub on wax has no smell or color to it. It uses a sponge application that can get messy, so I recommend having an old pair of liners in your pack for this. The snow was fairly sticky when I used this wax and I was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made! It gave my skis a soft, buttery glide and made less than ideal conditions way more enjoyable.

The skin wax comes in a small spray bottle. It’s really easy to apply – just spray on, wipe off, and leave your skins to dry overnight. On one tour, I compared my skins (with wax) to my partners (without wax) and noticed that I wasn’t having any issues with snow sticking or clumping when he did, even as the temps hit the mid 40s and snow turned to glop.

Want to learn more about eco-friendly outdoor gear? It’s all in our Sustainable Gear Guide, check it out!

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