Dynafit Rundown: A Review On the Complete Trail Running Kit

One of the greatest factors of running is the minimal gear needed to get out there and have a good time. All you need are some shoes, socks, shorts and shirt and you are ready to go. When running in the mountains the temperatures and wind can be rapidly changing. The gear you bring running in the mountains can make the difference between having a good time or being uncomfortable. This summer I’ve been pleased with the performance of the Dynafit Trail Running apparel line. I really am digging the tough, lightweight and thoughtful design applied to all of their mountain running gear.

Dynafit Roots & Evolution

Dynafit is a brand traditionally known for the iconic backcountry pin tech style ski binding they pioneered through the 80’s and 90’s. A little known fact is that Dynafit actually originally entered the ski industry by manufacturing ski boots. Franz Klammer won an Olympic gold in a set of Dynafit ski boots in 1976. Over the years they have expanded to include a wide variety of hard and soft goods for nearly all high alpine pursuits including offering a summer collection in 2012 and bike apparel in 2020. I have found the Dynafit 100 Ultra shoe to be my go-to trail runner over the last two summers.

Dynafit run apparel review

The Top Half

This summer I have been running in the Alpine Pro Tee and the Traverse DST jacket which complement each other perfectly. One small thing I never thought I would have noticed as much as I do on this shirt is the perfect cut. The sleeves are slightly longer than typical running shirts (almost like a mountain bike shirt) but the nicely squared shoulders and trim fit have been ideal for me. Overall, the shirt is super lightweight and has held up to multiple washings well. The jacket is also light, stretchy and breathable and has served me well for cool early mornings and breezy mountain summits. The hood zips up to cover much of your face in inclement weather and the DST, or Dynastretch, makes for a perfect combination of wicking and wind resistant materials where you need them most.

Dynafit run apparel review

Shorter Equals Faster

I tried the Vert 2 Dynafit running shorts as well. Dang, do they make me look fast! They are cut short with a brief liner and some really well-placed mesh pockets along the waistband. I might wear these shorts to a race to intimidate the competition, but I think I’m a bit too modest to be showing this much leg around town and on our local trails. Usually, I run in a 9” inseam short with boxer brief style liner; I think I would love running in Dynafit’s new Alpine Pro 2/1 short which offers more coverage and a mesh under short for a liner.

The Top Off

Dynafit really rounds out the mountain running kit with the Alpine visor cap, a simple but well-constructed running hat that works with visor both up and down. The “No Pain, No Gain” lettering on the underside of the bill might pair well in the flipped-up position with your short shorts on while toeing the line of your next race. The “winter moss” colored kit wouldn’t be complete without the running socks with the message “STAY” on the back of your left leg and “FAST” on the back of the right; you better be quick off of that starting line!

Dynafit run apparel review

Overall, I have nothing but rave reviews for Dynafit’s Mountain Running Apparel. It’s another example of how they continue to keep a high degree of quality while designing more and more sport specific gear for all alpine activities. So, get down to Tahoe Mountain Sports and check it all out for yourself.

Dynafit run apparel review

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