Dovetail Workwear: Get Down And Dirty With This Women's Brand

We are no strangers to women who can throw down here in the Truckee/Tahoe region. We watch them. We look up to them. Our daughters, nieces, and friends become them. We are them. Though there is no lack in badass ladies, there is a lack in functional gear and clothing made for them to get the job done. The jobs that aren’t the traditional “women’s” jobs. This is where Dovetail Workwear comes in. The creators of Dovetail found themselves in the dirt (quite literally) wishing for pants that would hold up and be comfortable. Making the derrière look good too wouldn’t hurt.

Dovetail Workwear Brand Highlight
Maven Slim

The Tale of Dovetail

Founders Kate and Kyle Marie had a landscaping business in the Pacific Northwest, (where the dirt proves to be a great testing ground), when they got fed up with what was on the market for women’s workwear. After discovering a client of theirs’ happened to be an expert in the apparel industry, the three got to work on forming a revolution in women’s workwear.

Dovetail Workwear Brand Highlight
Maven Slim

The Maven Slim was born and field tested on the founders themselves as well as firefighters, bike mechanics, and construction workers. Dovetail is now partnered with many female organizations such as; The National Association of Women in Construction, Women in Trucking, Girls Build, Pink Boots Society, and more.

Overall Coverage

My personal favorite from Dovetail has is the Freshley Overalls. I own four pairs of them…so I might actually have an addiction! I’ve been a bib gal when it comes to my snowgear for yeaarss. Options were limited at a time, then as more ski brands came around, soon did the lifestyle options. However, I always had a hard time finding overalls that fit, at least after the age of 12 (luckily they went out of style for decades anyway). When I was working on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, I did sport another brand that most of you know for their famous tan color. But, I had the men’s pair because I couldn’t find the women’s cut in an actual store in AK. They got the job done when I wasn’t in my rain bibs, (which wasn’t often) but they did not give if you know what I mean. I would be sweaty, feel constricted, and constantly yanking at the crotch to pull them up in order to squat with out blowing them out.

Dovetail Workwear Brand Highlight
Freshley Overall

Not Your Dad’s Overalls

When I heard about Dovetail, I jumped at the chance to try them. Sure, I wasn’t working twenty hour days on a boat anymore, or even working outside for that matter, but I went for it anyway! I’ve worn my Freshley’ s out on the town, while gardening, stacking wood, and tooling around on our property. These babies move with me and have a pocket for nearly everything! My one gripe, there isn’t a hammer loop on many of the current options. They have a knee slot for knee pads, a crotch gusset so you don’t have to worry about blowing out your pants whilst gettin’ low (which I’ve done countless times in bibs & pants), flex suspenders – again, so your movement isn’t limited, zip pockets, and a twine hole TM. Consider these a toolbox you can wear.

Dovetail Workwear Brand Highlight
Freshley Overall

The Freshley Overalls come in sizes 000 – 24 in select colors, 000 – 18 in others, and 4 inseams from 28″ – 34″.

No Slim Pickens Here

The Maven Slim, the one that started it all, is a force to be reckoned with. The Dovetail OG is still around for good reason. The fit, the function, and the look of the Maven Slim hits all the marks. With Dovetail’s secret “stretch sauce”, you can take these puppies from the construction site to the dance floor…theoretically ;). Ten pockets, yes TEN, and a hammer loop allow you to stash the tools you need to get the job done.

The Maven Slim comes in sizes 000 – 24 in select colors, 000 – 18 in others, and 4 inseams from 28″ – 34″.

Dovetail Workwear Brand Highlight
Maven Slim

The Britt Utility has many of the same features as it’s predecessor, the Maven Slim, but with a straight leg and one extra pocket. The Britt Utility also features a crotch gusset like the Freshley Overalls. I love the fit of my Maven Slim, however the crotch gusset sure is one thing I wish it had! But, that is what makes the Britt Utility a true work horse. This is Dovetail’s most technical pant. With tough cuff’s so there is no fraying at the hem, articulated knees, and a zip pocket this pant is sure to be a tradeswoman’s go to.

Dovetail Workwear Brand Highlight
Britt Utility

The Britt Utility comes in sizes 000 – 24 in select colors, 000 – 18 in others, and 4 inseams from 28″ – 34″.

Finish At the Top

No workwear brand would be complete without tops that compliment the bottoms. Just like no workout plan should only involve the legs! From comfy tees to get it done jackets, Dovetail has you covered.

Dovetail Workwear Brand Highlight
Dirt Loves Me Crew Neck

Wear them when and how you choose. The Dovetail crew and V neck shirts are soft, breathable, and flattering. Whether it’s under the Zeller Work Shirt, the Givens Work Shirt, or on it’s own, these classics are as comfortable as they are timeless.

Dovetail Workwear Brand Highlight
Oahe Work Jac

When you need some sleeves, Dovetail’s work shirts and work jackets are the way to go. From the lightweight Givens, to the reinforced elbow in the Zeller, and the seven pocket Oahe, these are your ride or dies. These all make great midweight pieces that give you enough flex so you can layer over them when needed without feeling like a marshmallow man. And again, POCKETS, they each have functional pockets.

Dovetail and Sustainability

Many people hear brands shouting about sustainability these days and write it off as a marketing buzz word. As a marketer who just returned from a dealer summit all about sustainability, I can attest to that being an issue. However, there are many brands out there who actually give a damn, and Dovetail is one of them.

They follow the UN Global Compact and only work with suppliers and factories who adhere to the standards set forth here. Dovetail uses recycled fibers where they can and intends to find ways to decrease their use of plastics as well as incorporate a garment re-use or repair program.

In order for any brand to be successful in sustainability we need to realize it’s an industry wide problem, thus needs an industry wide solution. Dovetail is committed to minimizing their carbon footprint and continuing to create products that are ethically produced.

Stop into Tahoe Mountain Sports today to try Dovetail Workwear yourself!

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