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Hi! My name is David Polivy and I am running for a seat on the Truckee Town Council in the November 2018 election. I will be using this page as my main website home for the campaign and it will be updated regularly with news, events, issues of importance and all the general info about my campaign. Thanks for visiting and please email me anytime with questions, concerns or comments.

Here are a few quick links to take action on my campaign and please continue reading to learn more.

Why Am I Running for Town Council?

It’s all about passion and wanting to make the world, and more specifically, our community, the best place it can be. I want to provide leadership and work together to create and implement solutions to what I believe are the most pressing issues our community faces. I love making a difference and being involved in the decision making process. I have the experience that I believe qualifies me to take the lead and position me to be an effective Council member. I think Truckee can be one of the most innovative, diverse and successful mountain communities in the Country and I want to be one of the leaders that gets us there!

I’m a business owner, family man and outdoor lover. We need to ensure we have sufficient regulation, but not too much. We need to enhance and develop the amenities that makes us a desirable place to live, work and play.

As a Planning Commissioner for the last 2 years, I have the formal exposure to current issues facing our community. I have also heard loudly from many community members what’s important to them. While I am happy continuing to serve on the Commission, I believe I can be more effective as a Council Member in achieving solutions to these issues.

I believe that there is a middle ground in today’s politicized environment. By approaching issues and solutions with a triple bottom line approach, looking at the economic, environmental and social aspects, compromise can be achieved on even the most polarizing issues. I will bring this decision making approach to my deliberations if elected as a Council Member.

My Platform:

Leading Truckee’s future with experience, vision and transparency.

Here are the top issues I will be campaigning on. This list is not inclusive of all the issues facing the Town, these are just my focus items:

1) Land Use

2) Housing

3) Community Character

4) Wildfire and Climate Change Preparedness

5) Economic Development and Growing an Outdoor Economy

More on each of these topics below.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, August 28th 5-7:30pm – Campaign Launch Event – Alibi Ale Works Truckee Public House

Aug 28th Campaign Launch Party

Tuesday, November 6th – Election Day!!!

My Candidate Statement:

Truckee is an amazing place and from the moment I arrived, I knew this Town would be home for my family and me. I’ve lived here since 2001 and as a local business owner, appointed representative to the Town Planning Commission, and passionate community volunteer, I understand the challenges and opportunities our Town faces.

I’m running for Truckee Town Council to bring creative, pragmatic, and collaborative solutions we need to make our Town even greater. With the General Plan Update in progress, it’s a great time to get involved. Planning for climate change and wildfire disaster is another of my top priorities and I bring the experience needed to accomplish this goal.

As a Planning Commissioner for the last 2 years, I’ve advocated for stronger housing policies, supported sensible development and built community partnerships. My passion for the outdoors reflects Truckee’s core values and vision.

Let’s work together to develop smart land use policies, address our housing issues and maintain our unique community character. We can do this together. Please join me, my wife and 9 year old daughter and support my candidacy.

Some Past Experience That Has Helped Inform My Decision Making:

I have spent the last 15+ years gaining experience that has prepared me for this position.

Work Experience:

Founder/COO at Tahoe Mountain Sports – Truckee, CA 2003-Present

Program Manager at Sierra Business Council – Truckee, CA 2002-2006

Volunteer and Community Engagement Experience:

Appointed Member, Town of Truckee Planning Commission, 2016-Present

Founding Member, California Outdoor Recreation Partners, 2017-Present

Board Member, Tahoe Backcountry Alliance, 2016-Present

Committee Member, Outdoor Industry Association Recreation Advisory Council, 2015-Present

Steering Committee Member, Sierra Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Partnership (Sierra CAMP) 2015-Present

Board Member, Mountain Area Preservation, 2016-2017

Board Member/Chair, North Tahoe Regional Advisory Council, 2008-2011

Board Member/Chair, North Tahoe Business Association, 2009-2013

Graduate, Sierra Leadership Seminar 2004 and North Tahoe Truckee Leadership Program 2006

My Family:

I love my family and appreciate their unwavering support for this journey that I am on. My wife, Pam Jahnke and daughter, Adina Polivy (9 years old) are my loudest and strongest supporters and I couldn’t do this without them. A huge THANK YOU to them both!

All 3 of us on our recent family trip to Bali, Indonesia

The Issues:

1) Housing

  • Implement solutions for achievable purchase and rental options for all income levels in Town
  • Actually see some workforce housing units built during my 4 year term
  • Utilize findings and action items from the Mountain Housing Council to develop long term solutions to tackle the housing crisis
  • Learn and implement best practices regarding short term rentals and vacant second homes to help expand long-term rental inventory available to local residents

2) Land Use

  • Use the General Plan update process to identify commercial, community, industrial and residential needs within the community and determine the best placements and economic viability for those growth opportunities
  • Focus new development in and adjacent to existing community centers, support the Railyard redevelopment and maintain a sustainable growth rate

3) Community Character

  • Maintain the look and feel of the historic character of Truckee and enhance our Town’s cultural presence, building heights and innovative take on mountain culture
  • Develop and implement solutions to the traffic and parking issues to keep people coming back to Truckee and wanting to participate in high attendance, community events
  • Work with the Town’s community partners including but not limited to: the Chamber, Downtown Merchants, Major Resorts, Mountain Area Preservation, Contractor’s Association, the Airport and others with a shared interest in the healthy, happy and prosperous growth of the Town

4) Wildfire and Climate Change Preparedness

  • Ensure there is an emergency resiliency plan and funds in place in case of catastrophic wildfire or natural disaster
  • Work with partners to minimize risk to Truckee’s neighborhoods through good planning and fire preparedness
  • Implement Truckee’s renewable energy goals in partnership with the PUD and other Town departments

5) Economic Development and Grow an Outdoor Economy

  • Expand economic opportunity outside of the construction and tourism trades by encouraging development that serves other industries. Actively recruit businesses paying middle class wages to locate and/or relocate to Truckee
  • Support the outdoor economy by investing in recreational opportunities such as infrastructure, transportation options, circulation strategies, ongoing maintenance and developed recreation

Donate Now:

If you support me and my campaign, I would appreciate a donation in any amount. It does cost money to run a campaign and things like print ads, yard signs and creating collateral so people remember your name all cost money. Donations can be made online (coming soon) or can be mailed to:

Make Check Payable to: Polivy for Town Council 2018

Address: 11343 Brockway Rd. Truckee, CA 96161

P.S. I promise as long as you make the check out to the campaign, it all goes to that!

My Contact Info:

Phone: 530-913-5163

Email: dave@tahoemountainsports.com

Thank you and I appreciate your vote this November!

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