Check Out the New On Running CloudUltra Trail Runner

Introducing The On Running CloudUltra

On Running CloudUltra Trail Runners

Thumbs up on this great new trail runner. I’ve run in different On Running shoes, both road and trail, and this is by far my favorite On Running shoe. It has nice cushion without feeling “marshmallow-y” and has a very smooth ride. I like this sole over the CloudVenture. The CloudVenture seemed to collect small pebbles and rocks between the clouds in the sole. After a week of running with this CloudUltra, I have yet to pick rocks out of the shoe. I also like the rubber wrap around on the lower half of the shoe, providing a bit of protection from water, puddles, and the occasional toe-into-rock fiasco.

I have to say, this is the shoe that you put on your feet and forget about it. It crushed it this week on some flow single track; think JPs, Donner Lake Rim Trail, Mustang Sally and Hidden Gem (Tahoe Donner). This shoe just works, and I think that is what we want out of our shoes!

On Running CloudUltra

Other features that I like:

  • Cool lace loop – This loop allows you to tuck the shoestrings safely away to avoid the lace trip and minimizes the chance of the shoe coming untied.
  • Lace lock/unlock – I haven’t needed this feature yet, but I’m sure it will come in handy. When running long distances, especially in the summer months, your feet tend to expand. This little feature on the laces allows you to flip it open, and voila, you just loosened the laces without untying the shoes. Pretty cool, especially when in a race, or group run where you don’t want to be left behind, untying/tying your shoes. And then, you can always flip it back the other way, to tighten them back down before that technical downhill!
On Running CloudUltra Lace Loops

Other notes


I typically wear a size 8 in my running shoes. All of my On Running shoes are size 8. I had to size up to an 8.5 on this shoe. The On Running website also recommends sizing up 1/2 size.

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