Brand Highlight: Ignik, Heating with Purpose and Sustainability

Founded Upon Sustainability

Sustainability. This can be thought of as a bit of a buzzword these days. You hear every brand in the outdoor industry (and beyond) preaching about it. Of course, we all support it and want to see more of it, which is why Tahoe Mountain Sports meticulously researches the brands we bring in and choose to carry those who hold up to their word, like Ignik.

Ignik was founded with the purpose of sustainability in mind. They realized the lack of sustainability in current heating products and wanted to be a solution to this problem. From refillable propane tanks to Air Activated Warmers (whose contents are compostable) they are proving themselves as die-hards in creating true sustainability within their products. As with any company taking on a feat like this, there is still work to be done, but Ignik won’t stop in their pursuit to reduce the impact we humans have on this earth.

Radiant Heat Systems

Create an entire heated sleep system with Ignik’s patent-pending Radiant Carbon Strand Technology. These lightweight, portable heating systems will keep you warm through a chilly night camping with their heated sleeping pad cover and sleeping bag liner. No reason to pass up that winter camping trip now. Take their heated seat cover on the go to the local football game to save your tush from those pesky bleachers. Or, use it as an apres-ski cushion for taking your boots off in the parking lot to tossing back a few cold ones with the crew. For those vanlifers, these puppies can plug into a 12V power supply for instant heat up to 140 degrees, or, a 5V-USB for efficient heating (meaning you just need a light, but consistent, “toast me up”). Choose from three levels of heat with the touch of a button. The ease of adjustability allows you to heat up quickly then reduce the level to save battery power as needed.

Ignik Seat Cover Heater
Ignik Sleeping Pad Heater
Ignik Sleeping Pad Heater
Ignik Sleeping Pad Heater

Propane Heating

Mr. Heater Buddy’s may be nostalgic to us, but gone are the days of loading up on little green propane tanks and wondering what happens to them once we are done with them. Ignik’s solution: The Gas Growler. This tank (…pun…) packs a one, two, punch with being compatible with any heater or stove that uses single-use green propane bottles and holds the equivalent of five green propane bottles. Oh, did we mention it costs about the same as one of those green bottles to fill as well? Now you are sustaining your own wallet, as well as the planet by eliminating single-use trash. We’ll toast to that!

By now, you may be thinking, “Well, I only use my green bottle stove/heater once in a while, I don’t need this hunk of a tank.” Let’s break it down a little bit for you. One green bottle lasts about an hour, and if you are anything like me, you aren’t entirely sure how much propane you have left so buy an extra one before a new trip just in case. You end up with a handful of half-used tanks that you end up lugging around anyway “just in case” that eventually all have to be tossed. Ignik Gas Growlers are DOT certified and initially certified for 12 years! That is saving a lot of green bottles from landfills if you ask me.

Ignik Gas Growler
Dimensions 8.75 x 8.75 x 15 in | 22 x 22 x 35 cm
Weight 10 lbs. | 4.5 kg
Hose Compatibilty Inlet, QCC Outlet, 1”-20UNEF (1lb)
Capacity 5 lbs | 1.2 gal

FireCan™ Portable Fire Pit

The perfect accessory to go with the Gas Growler is the new FireCan. This portable fire pit is the perfect addition to any trip to wrap up the adventure and crack a cold one. I personally couldn’t think of a better way I would want to enjoy my après ski. This little can packs big heat with its mesh sides, so you not only get the ambiance of a real campfire, but you can feel its warmth all around. The collapsable legs help raise this little guy off of the ground to provide more safety when using it in the forest (but ALWAYS follow current fire restrictions first and foremost!).

Ignik FireCan
Ignik FireCan

Air Activated Warmers

Speaking of nostalgia, before the days of heated gloves and socks that you can control from your phone, were good ol’ fashion shake and bake hand warmers. I wouldn’t say in the grand scheme, a whole lot of things have changed here. However, Ignik has introduced a couple of key things in their air-activated warmers that up the game in this arena.

With a patent-pending temperature regulation system, Ignik hand warmers give you more control over how long your warmers last. These hand warmers provide more heat than the leading brands and come with an AirBarrier™ pouch that is resealable. Meaning you can put your warmers back in the pouch after opening and keep them for use up to 72 hours later! Currently, these hand warmers are 98% biodegradable and have no doubt about the fact that Ignik is committed to filling in that 2% gap. All shipping and packing material is recyclable with cardboard or mixed paper and the contents of the pouches are compostable. The pouches themselves are where the missing 2% come in and currently, they need to be disposed with mixed garbage.

In their line-up of air activated products you can find phone warmers, sleeping bag warmers, and tablet/device warmers. All of which come with their patent pending AirBarrier™ resealable pouches.

Ignik Warmer Description

More to Come

Ignik is far from done with their efforts to provide sustainable, and portable, heat to outdoor spaces. Stay tuned for what new products they have coming this winter. Ignik is also part of 1% For The Planet, giving 1% of their sales to fight climate change in the Arctic. Through 1% they support:

Find out more about how Ignik was founded here.

Ignik icons

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