A Runner's Dream: On Ultralight Apparel

By: Ben Hogan

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When it comes to pushing the boundaries of running performance, On has consistently proven itself as a brand that understands the needs of its athletes. Their range of ultralight running clothing and apparel stands as a testament to their commitment to blending style, comfort, and functionality in one package. 

Ultralight Excellence

The standout feature of On's apparel is its ultralight nature, particularly exemplified in their shirts and shorts. Constructed from advanced materials that feel barely-there against the skin, these shirts redefine the running experience. Whether it's a sweltering summer day or a brisk morning jog, the breathability of the fabric keeps you cool and dry throughout your run. 

close up of on running lightweight shorts in black/navy

Matching the excellence of their shirts, On's ultralight shorts continue to elevate the running apparel game. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these shorts provide a featherlight feel that makes it seem like you're running in a second skin. The shorts I tried had a built-in brief liner that I actually found comfortable (while my preference would be a boxer style liner). The strategic placement of ventilation zones prevents any possibility of discomfort caused by sweat accumulation, making even the longest runs feel like a breeze. 

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Enhancing Performance Without Distractions

What truly sets On's ultralight apparel apart is its ability to enhance performance without distractions. The minimalistic approach doesn't just pertain to the design but also extends to the construction. Seams are strategically placed to prevent chafing, and the featherweight fabric reduces any bulk that might hinder your movement. My one criticism would be the sparse availability of pockets on the lightweight shorts; this can be perfect if running with a vest, though.

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It's important to note that while On's focus on ultralight design is evident, they haven't sacrificed durability in the process. The quality of their materials ensures that the apparel maintains its integrity even after numerous washes and intense workouts. This is a brand that understands the demands of athletes and delivers products that rise to the challenge.

In conclusion...

On's ultralight running clothing and apparel deserve every accolade they receive. The seamless blend of comfort, style, and performance-enhancing features creates an unparalleled running experience. The ultralight shirts and shorts stand as prime examples of the brand's dedication to innovation and excellence. If you're a runner who refuses to settle for anything less than the best, investing in On's ultralight apparel will undoubtedly be a decision that elevates your running journey.

Author: Ben Hogan


Ben is first and foremost a local skier. He loves the search for good snow and doesn't mind a long day in the skin track to find it. When there is no fresh snow around Ben entertains himself with Nordic skiing, trail running and mountain biking. Ben loves being a part of the TMS team for the camaraderie and love for the outdoors as well as to check out new gear and offer an opinion. Keep your eye out for "that guy skiing with a baby on his chest" as he shows his new daughter and future ripper, Stella, some of his favorite stashes.

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