5 Best Things For Kids At TMS

This is my friend Sofia Jacob and me, Adina Polivy, mountain biking.

H! I’m Adina Polivy, I go to Kings Beach Elementary and I’m in 3rd grade. Here are 5 things I think are awesome from TMS.

1. Hats

My favorite type of hats are flat top hats. You should com to TMS to get a hat because, there are many options, colors and shapes. In the picture you see different shapes such as the two brims on the left are flat and the two brims on the right are curved. You can get good quality hats here.

2. Flip Flops

TMS has many types of Flip Flops. All of the flip flops are different colors, and sizes. TMS has many good sizes. There are also a lot of adult flip flops. The smaller kid flip flops have straps. Flip flops are essential foot wear for summer.

3. Backpacks

Camelbak’s are really interesting. Our Camelbak’s come in different colors, you might like the red one because thats your favorite color or you might like the purple one because thats a good color. These backpack’s are high quality and nice!

4. Swim Wear

I love bathing suits, I buy them all at TMS!!! These are made with good fabric and in different shapes. TMS has bikinis, tankinis and one pieces. They are all comfy.

5.Water Bottles

These water bottles are nice for a low price. Both pictures have high quality reusable Hydro Flask’s .

By: Adina Polivy. I am awesome, follow me on instagram!!!!!!!!!! Be happy

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